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  • GraveTalk 31: Dark Humour

    GraveTalk 31: Dark Humour

        OKAY! THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL!   I believe I did a GraveTalk about humour before. but in the past week we’ve had some guy called Jimmy Carr being called out and some tarts and tossers in Government for being too disgusting and they have said that they could be bringing out a law […]

  • Crossed That Line – OUT NOW!!!

    Crossed That Line – OUT NOW!!!

    After 6 years, back in June I finally released my first joke book – a collection of what I thought were the sickest jokes around that I had thought of over the 6 years and would be hard to beat. Well, I just over two months later I discovered that I had in-fact outdid myself […]

  • GraveTalk 22: Humour & Jokes

    GraveTalk 22: Humour & Jokes

    [This one was a lot harder to write than I thought. I thought I could get my points a cross a lot more easily than I have – I’ve used my trump card too early] What’s Not To Laugh At To coincide with the launch of my (sick) joke book ‘Crossing That Line’ I feel […]

  • Crossing That Line – OUT NOW!!!

    Crossing That Line – OUT NOW!!!

    The sickest joke book ever (to date – just wait for the sequel) ‘Crossing That Line’ is now available! The book comes in two versions – censored and uncensored. Please don’t read this if you are easily offended. Think Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr, Sickipedia – this book is worse than those three! Nothing has been […]

  • New Book Out Soon!

    New Book Out Soon!

    I will soon be releasing my first book. I am still working on my first proper novel (On hiatus at the moment, just trying to get the story back in my head after writing the first 4 chapters), but this one is my first joke book. This joke book will certainly not be for anyone […]