GraveTalk 31: Dark Humour

I believe I did a GraveTalk about humour before. but in the past week we’ve had some guy called Jimmy Carr being called out and some tarts and tossers in Government for being too disgusting and they have said that they could be bringing out a law to put a ban on such jokes. 
Here is the counter-statement. Here is reality! 
You all must have heard Carr’s joke by now. “Everyone talks about the Holocaust killing 6 million Jews but no one wants to talk about the NAZI’s killing gypsies. That’s because no one wants to talk about the positives.” Now, I am no fan of Jimmy Carr, I find him truly unfunny and an embarrassment (I know, [like Kyle,from South Park, said to Cartman] you’re saying that my humour is just like his. Well, it isn’t!) but this joke was actually quite good. And let’s be honest this isn’t the first time he’s made a joke about the Holocaust is it? Remember the one about “there being strength in numbers. Try telling that to 6 million Jews!” – I mean I have a few worse ones than those two. I suppose his Netflix one is also about gypsies and you can’t go around bashing those “travellers” now can you – even though they are quite happy to go around bashing you!
My jokes aren’t just an excuse to make fun of topics. My jokes are a way of making light of situations. My jokes are an attempt at helping people deal with difficult circumstances. I do not deliberately try to cause offense unlike some people, however, I feel that I need to defend Jimmy Carr here (Just because I am in the middle of bringing out a new book – “Sicker Than COVID”; Out soon on Amazon! [There goes the cheap plug, go check it out! It’s a way worse than my previous two joke books, a lot worse!]! 

[Okay cheap plug over]

That Conservative tart Nadine Dorries has said that his joke was disgusting but has she forgotten about the many horrible things she has said in the past? And who is she to decide what is disgusting? So he made a joke about the Holocaust, big frigging deal! He’s done it before! What about the time he made a joke about there being strength in numbers? What about that joke?

Just because a so-called “comedian” – who claims to have a sick sense of humour – makes a sick joke, we have to put a ban on offensive jokes? Well, then YOU CAN FUCK OFF!!!

Dark humour is a must in modern society because Millennial’s are a bunch of crying, thin-skinned “pussies”! There is absolute no reason for anyone to ban any jokes! We need comedians in our lives, no matter how dark, twisted their jokes are – in fact the twistier the better! Yet, the PC society seems to be winning and sick humour is dying out in favour of the more PC humour (Which, before 2021, was classed as a funeral!).

Despite of how I feel about Jimmy Carr, he was only doing his job. He’s supposed to be a comedian and he told a joke. What’s the problem? At least he did more with his job than what Nadine Dorries, Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have ever done!

What is life without humour? You can not go trough life without jokes. To do so, would be absolute meaningless! Jokes give a purpose to life and allow us to express ourselves without causing any physical harm. Jokes are just a way of taking the piss without making it personal towards the subject.

Comedy is about making jokes about any subject no matter how sensitive. If you make jokes, you are either all in or nothing at all! There can be no middle ground. You can have light jokes and you can have dark jokes (okay, if you’re good enough you can make jokes that slip in -between) and you can’t be offended by some jokes if they are related to others- i.e. the Holocaust and Hillsborough. I am from Merseyside and I am a Liverpool supporter, however, I find Hillsborough jokes funny and I have no reason why I shouldn’t make Hillsborough jokes.

I have (probably) written this in the previous humour GraveTalk, but how can most Liverpool fans find Holocaust/Jewish jokes acceptable and at the same time say Hillsborough jokes are the worst jokes ever-made? The Holocaust caused millions of deaths whereas Hillsborough caused less than one hundred (There’s a slight difference!).

If people are so easily offended then they probably shouldn’t be reading/watching those jokes. They know damn-well what they are walking themselves into and know damn-well they are only using such jokes as a way of making a fuss just for the sake of it.

Why can’t we just all get along and be able to have a laugh and a joke about whatever topic, sin colour or religion? I have made a picture about Mohammad – being a drunkin’, drugged-up scruffy monkey and have posted a picture on Twitter (and in my next joke book) and I have received no come-backs! Even South Park depicted Mohammad better and they got sued! Charlie Hebdo actually portrayed Mohammad the most reasonable and they got the worst punishment.

Going back to the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s comedy was completely different. When you take sit-coms like “Fawlty Towers”, “Only Fools and Horses”, “Blackadder”, “The Likely Lads + the sequel series”, “Till Death Do Us Part” & more! Those comedies meant something and allowed the actors/actresses to show off their acting abilities without having to apply themselves to strict guidelines.

The 1990’s was without a doubt the turning point for society. We came from a poverty stricken Thatcher-government to another, well, under-value Major government and then we got the whole ten years of the whole Blair thing! The amount of jokes you can make with those lot are endless!

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Now, this is not an apology (more of an explanation/page filler) because I do not have anything to apologise for. When it comes to jokes you are either ALL IN or just forget the lot. You can’t be prude when it comes to humour. I do accept that not everyone shares the same types of humour, however, that is what makes life. If everyone was the same we would all have webbed feet and hands. With comedy anything and everything is off-limits.

Comedians may have their own preference to how sensitive their material will be while others just do not give a toss – including me! Although, I do have some topics I won’t touch, not that I think they are off-limits but I just think they are too sensitive to make jokes of.

People are free to make there own choices and humour is a trait that people should free to express whatever type of humour they may have. If someone wants to express themselves with dark humour why should they be stopped? Likewise, light humour jokes may not be classed as jokes to some people but do we say they shouldn’t be seen as jokes? Censoring jokes is wrong no matter how offensive, dark they are. At the end of the day jokes are just words. Remember the old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

Society today takes things too seriously. They blame social media and “internet trolls”. Trolls live under a bridge not posting on websites. For some reason a simple criticism today is deemed as offensive. Words may not be nice but have some thick skin. Words may be unpleasant but they’re just words. If some prick wants to say something to hurt you, just ignore them.

As I have previously pointed out jokes should not be bound by taboos, topics, incidents, people, religions, etc… but rather be out having the freedom to make light of them, making fun of unfortunate situations. Funerals are a perfect example. Funerals are sad occasions but we all say don’t be sad, remember the good times, even though it’s hard to remember the good time when someone is going in the oven. Making jokes about the funeral may be conserved bad taste but that is how some people cope with grief. If something bad is happening.

And that’s it. A very long GraveTalk, however, I think this one was very much needed. You can agree to disagree with me but people need to understand what humour is all about. Thanks for reading and I hope you look forward to the next GraveTalk!

Thanks for reading!

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