Graveyard was born in 1999 and has been playing darts since 2008.  Now in 2015 all his Gravestone’s worldwide finally get to welcome The Scouse Sensation! Graveyard has been a big player in South America and China – winning many competitions. He has stepped back into Europe for the Dutch Open in 2012 and 2013. Now he wants to become a force in his home country – winning major tournaments and being crowned the Best in the World!

Graveyard has started out as a darts player, but does not have any limitations on new ventures – Like Y2J!

Starting with the inaugural Merseyside Open, Graveyard has set his sights on becoming the first Undisputed darts World Champion – by winning both the BDO and PDC World Championships in the same year – something no player has yet to achieve!

Graveyard has modelled himself on Chris Jericho – considering him as the perfect role-model for anyone. Jericho has took his opportunities and has become a world-wide recognised name in a majority of fields!

During the COVID pandemic 2020, Graveyard started a weekly news series – similar to Have I Got News For You – called “The News: Highlights of the Week” on YouTube. The show has two series and two specials with a third and fourth series coming in 2021 and a spin-off series “The News: Highlights of the Week EXTRA”!

Graveyard also writes articles for his “GraveTalk” blog. These articles are for different topics that affect society. GraveTalk is hard-hitting and Graveyard does not shy away from sensitive issues.

He has also four books to his name. In June 2020 Graveyard published his first joke book “Crossing That Line” – a joke containing 415 sick jokes that took three years to write. Between June and August 2020 Graveyard managed to get another 600 jokes and published his second book “Crossed That Line”. He then brought out “The Best of GraveTalk: Volume 1” which contains the 25 of his main GraveTalk’s between 2017 and 2020. His fourth book “Sicker Than COVID” – his third joke book and most twisted to date – was finally released in February 2021. Work began on “Sicker Than COVID” from September 2021 and at first the new jokes were just going to be bonus jokes for a compilation book between his first two, however, the jokes kept coming and coming and by mid-2021 he had over new jokes. By the end of 2021 he had over 500 jokes as well as pictures. As he published his book he managed to find another 5 jokes which would have taken the total to 600, however, he decided to leave it at 595. Graveyard will be bringing out a fourth joke book in 2022 “I Don’t Give A Toss” which will just be a compilation of all his three previous books plus an uncensored joke from “Crossed That Line” and over 10 brand-new jokes with some new pictures!

Later in 2022 Graveyard also hopes to make his darting comeback and he is targeting the Czech Open 2022 for his return tournament.

Graveyard’s message to his Gravestone’s:

“If there’s something you always want to do. Don’t just dream. Create yourself opportunities to make it happen! There’s only one thing = stopping you – YOU!”