GraveTalk 22: Humour & Jokes

[This one was a lot harder to write than I thought. I thought I could get my points a cross a lot more easily than I have – I’ve used my trump card too early]

What’s Not To Laugh At

To coincide with the launch of my (sick) joke book ‘Crossing That Line’ I feel we need a GraveTalk on humour and jokes. What is acceptable and not because some people make jokes about one topic and then condemn jokes about an equally sensitive topic. By the way, if you have a dark, sick sense of humour you can check out my book now! eBooks are available on my website or Amazon. Published books are available on Amazon!

Link takes you to the uncensored version. The link below directs to the censored version.

Censored Version

‘Crossing That Line’ does exactly that. There are jokes that do cross that line as well as jokes to just fill out the book. However, the sick jokes that are in it are a lot worse than other sick joke books, i.e. The B3ta Bumper Book of Sick Jokes (My books actually has more words than that!). If you haven’t got a sick sense of humour stay well clear of my book! (And if you think I could not get any worse, my sequel book is a lot worse! In fact some of the jokes in that have disgusted me! My new book should be out later this year, I’m three weeks in and I’m not that far off the first one!)


Humour is what makes life. If you don’t laugh now and again, life would be boring without humour. Jokes can be made on any matter, yet there are some topics that are forbidden – no matter how sick your humour is!

There is nothing wrong with having a sick sense of humour and there is nothing wrong with having a clean sense of humour. I just want to know what is considered acceptable and what is going too far!

Right, no point beating about the bush and let’s just get straight to the point. Holocaust jokes. Right the Holocaust is, without a doubt, the worst incident to ever happen – 6 million Jews died, not including other deaths. However, Holocaust jokes are made by many people [Myself included] and people are finding them funny because times have moved on. Now take Hillsborough. Hillsborough is a tragic, disaster and one (Like the Holocaust) that should never be forgotten, but it’s been 30 years, I think it’s time to move on. Liverpool fans don’t seem to be too much bothered about Heysel.

I do support Liverpool but I wasn’t around for both tragedies, which is probably why I am not concerned about making jokes. Just because a large group of people don’t like it, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them! Why be a sheep? don’t get me wrong Hillsborough and Heysel are terrible events but you can’t deny some of the jokes are good and that’s all they are jokes. Jokes aren’t about judging people but they are supposed to make light of a situation. I understand people being sensitive about an issue and that’s fine. However, what I don’t understand is how some Liverpool fans can make jokes about the Holocaust and yet condemn those who make jokes over Hillsborough? 6 million people v 96? If you can laugh at one you can laugh at the other! When pulled up over this, what do Liverpool fans say? “But that’s different?” They are both awful events, but the Holocaust killed 6 million people, 96 people isn’t that much in comparison.

If you can’t tell by now, I have included both Hillsborough and Holocaust jokes in ‘Crossing That Line’ (It just keeps coming back!). I am not referencing individuals but a group of people, which I feel allows jokes to be made without being too disrespectful.

I have also been taking the piss out of the #BlackLivesMatter garbage on Facebook and Twitter (Facebook is better as you don’t get many PC clowns trying to argue with useless points, like Twitter – regarding Twitter, I haven’t had any replies back over my tweets on BLM? Normally, on controversial issues they get back to me but not this time? They probably realise I am right and they have no case to argue).

Anyway, back on topic. Jokes can bring people together. Funerals are the best at making jokes. I come out with some good ones at funerals and get some angry looks from the other people but jokes can help you cope with difficult situations. People are different and if they need jokes (no matter how sick) to keep themselves happy then what’s the problem? What’s worse? “Pull up a pew. No thanks, I’ve already got Floyd” or going out and killing people? (By the way that’s a little preview of what you can expect in my sequel book ‘Crossed That Line’ – That joke’s included!). Yes that joke is bad, but the man was no saint was he? Why all of this nonsense?

I am sorry if you get upset by any of my jokes, but I do warn people. If you’re upset then why bloody read my books or listen to me? Take ‘Fawlty Towers’. How is that racist? The German episode may use ‘Nigger’ but it’s used in a non-racist manner and said by an old man who was brought up on such terms – Yes it doesn’t make it right, but if you’re brought up in different times you find yourself doing certain things and saying certain terms. As these people die off, then so do the old manners.

Comedies such as ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ and ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ (Okay Till Death is worse) aren’t too bad and not as racist as you’d expect – I was expecting much worse. I don’t why they can’t show them today, nothing in those shows are racist nor is the language. You hear more racist terms in American stand-up acts than those two sitcoms.

There are limits to what I will joke about. I won’t use the term ‘Nigger’ (well I never used to, but writing this makes me wonder why not? I’ve used the term in a factual manner in this article (At first I wasn’t but changed my mind as it’s word. It’s the way words are used that cause problems, not words themselves) but joke context is different, so I don’t think I will be using that term in jokes. The others are the killing of animals, dead animals, terminal illnesses and sad, traumatic events such as (No disrespect) James Bulger (I am sorry for using his case as an example). In fact, I am not the only one. You may find Hillsborough jokes on Sickipedia (I don’t get my material from there, mines all original!) but you will not find any James Bulger jokes and quite rightly so! There is one, but even the users find that too much.

I have to admit I did not find that joke remotely funny – yes that may make me a hypocrite, but there are things that you cannot make jokes of – It’s just that most things you can make jokes!

It’s like my corona lung t-shirt! Yes the virus is still going and has killed thousands but it is supposed to make light of a difficult time rather than cause offense. (You have to admit, it’s quite a good move!)

My Corona Lungs T-Shirt available now at Novelty Tees & Stuff on TeePublic

Well that’s it. I know that i have touched some sensitive issues but I feel I needed to – especially with my book coming [Available now on Amazon – eBook version only (Printed book out soon)]. My sense of humour is sick and I have included some pretty sick jokes in ‘Crossing That Line’ – a lot worse than any other sick joke book. Now that I’ve broken the ice, go out – check out my book and a enjoy some good laughs!

However, my book is not trying to be offensive but rather to try and breakdown the barriers regarding these issues. I am trying to say that despite some topics being sensitive you can still make jokes about them. There is no malice in any of my jokes rather I am pandering to people with a dark, sick sense of humour – people like myself. Life is too short to be worrying about jokes. Remember jokes are different to insults. Insults hurt but jokes are just a bit of fun.

(Okay most of the book is filler, like most other sick joke books, but at least my sick jokes are actually sick!) Be sure to keep checking my website for news on my sequel book ‘Crossed That Line’ – Which is much worse!

Stay tuned for the next exciting GraveTalk! One of the next GraveTalks will be on racisim/slavery/BLM – I know I’ve done this already but with this crap continuing I feel a second GraveTalk is needed. Not sure what the other GraveTalks will be – Just keep checking my site!

Thanks again for reading! See you next time!!!

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