The News: Highlights of the Week is returning!

I said on the last post that it would take a hiatus and be back around June (June-August – it’s still the bloody summer!)

Well, it is returning for Series 2 (Edition 2 – whatever you want to call it!) and it will be in new format. I will be bringing in the News Highlights through videos – starting with a during-lockdown special! The official first episode will be out a week later.

I am well aware that some news stories will miss the cut-off point but that will only be for the first episode. From the second episode the news stories should fall into place.

As I am going to make videos rather than posts, I will be only using news stories from Monday to Friday with the video being released on Saturday. This means the news from Saturday’s and Sunday’s will be a week behind. As the series was released as a blog post, before, I could get 7 days worth of news stories and release it on Sunday night.

I think it will be a good experience and something different. the intro will probably be changed, but that will be looked at after the current series. The intro has been completed so I am currently putting the news stories together. There will be a voice-over – but because this series is about making jokes from new stories the videos are best viewed by over 18’s – although it is at the discretion of the parents to decide to let under 18’s to watch. I take no responsibility if under 18’s watch them.

The series should start at the start of September, but keep looking out for posts on my website for updates. The ‘pilot’ episode should be out very soon! I hpe you enjoy it, as I have enjoyed making them!