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GraveTalk 33: Everton Football Club

First thing first. I may be a Liverpool fan but I will be fair and offer not biased views in this GraveTalk. I want all Merseyside teams to do well and succeed and Everton is no exception, so seeing them in this situation is worrying but Liverpool fans can relate – as I shall be […]

GraveTalk 32: Ukrainian Crisis

(N.B. When “Russia” is used throughout this post, most of the time it will be used in place of Vladmir Putin. At no point am I trying to insult Russia as a country or the Russian citizens themselves. This post is about Vladmir Putin. I feel the need to include this.) This could, no, will […]

GraveTalk 30: Boris Johnson

Oh Here We Go! Right, first things first Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while but I’ve had more website issues! Hopefully all the issues are fixed and we’re back in business! And out of all the things I could write about I feel that the first GraveTalk of 2022 should begin with none […]

GraveTalk 29: COVID IV

The Pandemic fourthology is here!!! (Yes that’s not the right word, but it sounds awesome doesn’t it!) COVID the disease that’s closed the word! Last Autumn we had the great booster roll-out! The “third jab” that was going to save us all! And then it came out that it only lasts 10 weeks. I said […]

GraveTalk 31: Dark Humour

    OKAY! THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL!   I believe I did a GraveTalk about humour before. but in the past week we’ve had some guy called Jimmy Carr being called out and some tarts and tossers in Government for being too disgusting and they have said that they could be bringing out a law […]