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GraveTalk 45: Harry and Meghan

Regarding Meghan Markle, I think Alice Cooper says it best – “You’re poison”! There’s a little documentary series going around focusing on two people who moved to the US to get out of the spotlight and to have a normal life but it’s causing a few issues and dividing people’s opinions. So, I think this […]

GraveTalk 44: Elon Musk & Twitter

Twitter has a new owner, in Elon Musk, someone who comes with his fair share of criticism and controversies. This GraveTalk is going to be fun. First off, let’s forget about how much he paid for Twitter because that’s irrelevant and let’s focus on his behaviour and motives. So, where to start? How about with […]

GraveTalk 43: Qatar World Cup

This one will cause some controversy! However, this is causing hypocritical responses from certain people. I think we’re going to return to the long GraveTalk with this one. Before we start, I am not pro-Qatar or anti-Qatar, I am just stating the pro-Qatar case as so many people have been providing the negatives about Qatar […]

GraveTalk 42:  WTF UK Government

So. Here we are. We have yet another Conservative leadership contest. The Conservatives are just a running joke at this point. These people are supposed to be in charge of the country and if it wasn’t for the stupidity of the MP’s providing great comic material there would be nothing to talk about. The fact […]

GraveTalk 41: Arguments

Here’s a light winded GraveTalk. This one is about arguments and, in particular, making a statement and getting your points across. When making an argument or statement before coming up with your judgement you need to look at both sides of that statement, i.e. the good and the bad, positives and negatives, the pros and […]