• GraveTalk 46: Britain a Republic (again)?

    As you all know I like to balance out arguments. I have done a GraveTalk about the monarchy pros and cons so I think it’s only fair I did one about the pros and cons of Britain being a republic… again! We all know how well that turned out last time but with those people […]

  • GraveTalk 45: Harry and Meghan

    Regarding Meghan Markle, I think Alice Cooper says it best – “You’re poison”! There’s a little documentary series going around focusing on two people who moved to the US to get out of the spotlight and to have a normal life but it’s causing a few issues and dividing people’s opinions. So, I think this […]

  • GraveTalk 44: Elon Musk & Twitter

    Twitter has a new owner, in Elon Musk, someone who comes with his fair share of criticism and controversies. This GraveTalk is going to be fun. First off, let’s forget about how much he paid for Twitter because that’s irrelevant and let’s focus on his behaviour and motives. So, where to start? How about with […]