New Book Out Soon!

I will soon be releasing my first book. I am still working on my first proper novel (On hiatus at the moment, just trying to get the story back in my head after writing the first 4 chapters), but this one is my first joke book. This joke book will certainly not be for anyone who is easily offended by the smallest of jokes – think Frankie Boyle but worse.

There will be warnings but I think a certain type of person will enjoy them. I have title, the cover and blurb all done – just need to finish putting the content. Most of the jokes won’t be that good, just filler, but some will be quite bad.

The book will only be published as an eBook at first with the price being £3. I will take no responsibility for any offence taken as a result of reading this book. All of them are original, but just because I haven’t heard of them before doesn’t mean no one else has – so some you may think I copied from others (I haven’t).

Keep checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and my website for any new updates! And I hope you will enjoy the book when it’s finally released.





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