GraveTalk 44: Elon Musk & Twitter

Twitter has a new owner, in Elon Musk, someone who comes with his fair share of criticism and controversies. This GraveTalk is going to be fun.

First off, let’s forget about how much he paid for Twitter because that’s irrelevant and let’s focus on his behaviour and motives.

So, where to start? How about with the Trump ban because then I can transition into another issue as a sort of continuation of this point. Donald Trump, the man who suggested people should inject themselves with disinfectant as means of prevention against viruses, posted on his Twitter account about how the people who caused/involved in the riots at the Capitol, Washington D.C. would not be disrespected or treated unfairly – despite the riots causing injuries and even deaths. These riots were a result of Trump losing the 2020 US Election and refusing to concede defeat.

Two days before the riots Trump held a rally and gave a speech. In his speech he said, “I would never concede”, “Biden would be illegitimate”, he told his vice president to overturn the election results [????] and said “Something’s wrong here. Something’s really wrong. [It] can’t have happened.’ And we fight. We fight like Hell and if you don’t fight like Hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore” and for “protesters to go to the capitol to give republicans pride and boldness to take back their country” as well as saying “you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated”.

When you look at the facts Trump (as we all know) basically caused these riots and then refused to blame or prosecute the protesters. Twitter banned him for “glorifying violence” which is what he did. Now, Elon Musk has criticised Twitter for banning him saying his ban was “morally wrong”? Is he stupid or just totally ignorant? How can Trump’s Twitter ban be morally wrong when he was using it as a propaganda tool (word of the year). People like Trump should not be given access to any platform that can be used to manipulate and brainwash people. And what does Musk do only a few weeks after taking over Twitter? Lift the ban on Trump?

This brings us nicely to the “morally wrong” point. Musk says it was morally wrong to ban Trump yet it’s okay for him to sack 7,500 of Twitter’s workforce with more job loses looming, close offices, threatening staff with ultimatums and then telling staff if they want to stay, they have to worker longer hours and “harder” – obviously that will result in similar Amazon warehouse working conditions? How can Musk talk about what’s “morally wrong” when he clearly doesn’t have any morals. No wonder he defends Trump because he is just like him – an absolute dipshit, bully who buys other people’s successes and then ruins them and when he does start his own companies, he usually struggles to deliver – look at SpaceX. Musk said he would have people on Mars in 2025. Only two years to go and he can’t even launch a successful rocket attempt!

Let’s move onto his Twitter takeover and what he wanted the platform to be. One point he made was how he wanted Twitter to be “politically neutral”. If that is what he wants, then why is he using it to persuade people on how they should vote in elections and using political topics in some of his posts? He would be a very good politician in saying one thing and then doing another!

Musk also wants to make Twitter a place where people can express themselves freely and as soon as he took over, apparently, the most twitter trend was “The Jews” (Not sure how true that is). That could be viewed as a racial hatred but they allowed it, yet when people decide to use harsh words when correcting or calling out misleading statements from public figures you get a message to see if you wish to change the content because you use terms that people find offensive. I have also seen pictures or memes that people post that have a sensitive image cover and when you click view it is anything but! An example I can use was a reply to one of Elon Musk’s Tweets and someone had posted “Well on that note” with a picture of a well on top of a music note – this picture was flagged with a sensitive content warning? Yet it’s okay for someone to say rioters will not be punished? Also, people decided to change their Twitter name to Elon Musk as a joke and Musk had their accounts suspended! Where’s the Freedom of expression there, Elon Musk? It’s quite clear that Elon Musk is just an arrogant little prat!

Another aspect of Twitter he has changed is the verification process. Before he took over in order to get THAT blue tick, you had meet certain criteria but now thanks to Elon Musk you can now get one on a monthly subscription! A blue tick is meant to mean you are a high-profile, meaningful account (yes there are some verified accounts that are idiots spouting fake news and false facts – Farage and Trump spring to mind) but now anyone can get the blue tick – they just have to pay for it! This is one area that could do with a change, take my Farage and Trump examples, because blue tick accounts don’t necessarily mean the account is a great benefit to the public as like those two accounts the blue tick can also help to mislead the public. If the account is not a benefit or providing useful public knowledge, information or a high-profile public figure then that account should not have a blue tick. Maybe change it so there is a different verification tick/colour for business/organisation accounts, government accounts, band accounts, etc… (And maybe a turd for manipulative accounts like Farage and Trump!).

There are people saying that with the amount he paid for Twitter, he could have spent on helping deprived countries/people/charities and maybe should be doing that, after all he does like to say how caring and how he likes to help better mankind but let’s be honest governments should be doing that and they aren’t.

He lives in his own little world, filled with corruption, hypocrisy and bullying pretending to be this eco-friendly, nice-guy humanitarian, however, he is just as responsible for the planet’s pollution as anyone. I don’t care if he made “his own fortune” or if he comes from a wealthy family but the idea that he made hid fortune by fixing and recycling old computers is a load of crap. I would respect him more if he just told the truth and was a bit more sincere instead of trying to be a keyboard dictator.

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So that’s it for this GraveTalk. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll take a look at my next one! Haven’t got a clue what it will be – could be the long-awaited USA one (I say long-awaited, what I mean is I planned on doing a US themed GraveTalk in 2020!) or one that looks at the Brexit Betrayal! Who knows!

See you next time!





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