GraveTalk 46: Britain a Republic (again)?

As you all know I like to balance out arguments. I have done a GraveTalk about the monarchy pros and cons so I think it’s only fair I did one about the pros and cons of Britain being a republic… again! We all know how well that turned out last time but with those people like prickface, sorry, Farage talking about how we have no need for a monarchy in 2022 I think we need a little GraveTalk on the subject. Here we go…

First of all, let’s kick-off with the last British republic and the results. An evil dictator used propaganda to convince his band of merry sheep to revolt against the monarchy and royalists because Charles I upset Parliament (Sounds familiar). Basically, Charles was the Conservative government of the 1630’s (It is eerily familiar to what Britain is like today). Anyway, the result was that Charles was executed for treason and we got an evil little warty bastard to take over as “Lord Protector”, but basically a dictator, in Nigel Fa… excuse me I mean Oliver Cromwell (It really was similar to modern times wasn’t it except our dictator was Boris Johnson because of course Nigel Farage can’t win elections). Farage, sorry Cromwell, didn’t last that long and when he died Parliament and the people woke up and realised, we were better off with a monarchy rather than an absolute bastard. [Sorry forgot the point I was getting to because I put off this for about two weeks]

So basically, with a republic there is a possible chance of electing an evil bastard. Yes, with Parliament we can and have elected complete evil bastards i.e. Boris Johnson, but if things do get out of hand, i.e. Hitleresque, at least the monarch can technically veto decisions and with a monarchy we, at least on paper, have a balance of power. However, when you think about it, we could already be a republic as the monarch never interferes in in politics and the PM seems to have absolute control – especially with Johnson. The monarch should interfere more often especially with the corruption and controversies – or in other words, the laws he broke and got away with!

Let’s shift towards the cost of a republic. Everyone says the monarchy costs the taxpayers a lot of money, but they get a Royal budget each year that actually isn’t as much as you may think. Granted they earn money from other engagements, but they actually don’t cost the taxpayer that much (I pointed this out in my Pro-Monarchy GraveTalk!).

Now, if we were to switch to a republic then the taxpayer would have to pay for the cost of the Prime Minister (or whatever the leader will be known as), not only would it be the current expenses – food, drinks, travel, salary, accommodation, security, staff, furniture, gifts, bills, holidays, leisure, clothes, stationery, brown envelopes, etc… (That could be everything? So, what’s the problem, again?).

This is part of the problem. Parliament is basically running the country like a republic. The Royal Family get very little from “the taxpayer” and the MP’s get a lot more – and that’s what they don’t hide! Perhaps we should take into account the little contracts they give to their “friends” (Search Matt Hancock PPE contracts) that cost pretty much 100% more than the Royal budget! Not to mention that we would need to pay for the “leader” for 10 years (like the US President) or more as well as security for them (We probably wouldn’t introduce this, but we could). If we did cut the Royal budget, we would make a saving but very, very little! The Royal budget is under £100m (Or £87m to round it up) but consider the money spent by MP’s we’re talking billions (Well to be precise “officially” it’s £127.6m but that’s what they say – Hancock cost the taxpayer a lot more and that’s just him, what about the others?

If Britain became a republic then, in terms of money, things would not be any different – but costs would increase, not just in salaries and expenses, but with the costs of removing all Royal signage and signatures across the country. Everything would carry on as normal (minus the Royal jobs, i.e., the staff roles, many people would be out of a job), but we would lose our identity, traditional uniqueness as we would just be like the majority of countries – we would be more Americanised (Which is something that the government wants – Conservatives and Labour). A republic would need to be looked at in great-detail and not just rushed and panicked brought on by the brainwashing that was the brexit campaign.

When it comes to Parliament, The Queen (God Rest Her Soul) should have interfered more. The MP’s make decisions based on the size of their mail – especially the brown envelopes – rather than what’s right. If The Queen decided to act rather than stay neutral, we may have a better political system rather than what it has evolved into. Greed is the sole cause of the problems in British politics and that would get worse under a republic. At least with a monarchy the PM and MP’s have get the monarch to sign off any laws – however ceremonial it is at least it makes Parliament more humble – having to bow down to a “higher authority”.

Ending the monarch would result in Britain losing its identity. The one thing that people think of, regarding Britain, is the monarchy. The British monarchy is the biggest brand in the country (and the world) and losing it means getting rid of our traditions and uniqueness (other monarchies aren’t like the British Royal Family). Becoming a Republic would just finalise the US-transition of the country. Britain is becoming more Americanised and being a republic would be the final surrender of our culture and country.  These republicans like to use President, Chambers, etc… if they want to adopt a US-system then why don’t they move over to the US?

UK republicans are only bothered about money. They talk about money more than Jews. They haven’t got enough themselves and they hate the idea of people “getting money for nothing”. Don’t blame the monarchy for that. They are delivering a service to the country whilst being in the public eye. What about politicians, tycoons and businesses such as Amazon, Apple, etc… don’t the CEO’s get money for nothing, while keeping the actual workers without pay increases or make them work as self-employed to exploit them all the more?

The monarchy means more to Britain than what you think and if the only reason why people want to get rid of it is about “money” and “sponging” then who will be scapegoat for “money” and “sponging” without the monarchy? At least the monarchy gives back to the country and not just taking. With the monarchy we get bank holidays and a bit of national pride with occasions such as Coronations, etc…

The monarchy is purely ceremonial now, so in away Britain is already a republic. With the politicians calling the shots. Let’s not forget. These people moaning about money are the same ones that moan about the government and yet when the next election comes around, they will then vote for the Conservatives to remain in power, with the process continuing. It’s a repetitive cycle. People moaning for change should exercise their voices and vote for change.

That’s it for this GraveTalk and hopefully you will join us for the next GraveTalk!

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