GraveTalk 42:  WTF UK Government

So. Here we are. We have yet another Conservative leadership contest. The Conservatives are just a running joke at this point. These people are supposed to be in charge of the country and if it wasn’t for the stupidity of the MP’s providing great comic material there would be nothing to talk about. The fact is this isn’t remotely funny rather this very worrying and we drastically need change. I have done a few GraveTalk’s now, on politics, but this one probably is the most serious one. Let’s begin.

Let’s start with this. The Conservatives came to power in 2010 – coming up to thirteen years (like Labour and they will have been in power for longer if the next election timeline stays on course – that’s a sad thought) – and during that time only one leader has been originally elected through the public votes and that is David Cameron. All the other leaders have been voted in (first) by the party. They may have called elections early but those elections where just a response and a way to capitalise on the shambles within the rival parties as well as the public views being swayed by the false (blatant lies) promises that were told by the Conservatives on leaving the EU and the fantastic opportunities that were to follow.

Let’s get COVID out of the way first. Forget what you may think of the pandemic the fact is that the government showed their true colours for all to see. Up until the pandemic the government/MP’s tried to hide their true selves, yet during the COVID outbreak they took their wrongdoings to a whole new level by just disregarding THEIR own rules and using it as a laugh and a joke AND denying any wrongdoings took place. To the government, COVID was just a great long piss-take and to some extent whatever they wanted from it, it worked – as people still support them.

I am unsure as to how anyone can still support them let alone defend and deny their lawbreakings. The fact people still support the government shows the extent of which brainwashing, and propaganda has been delivered through recent years. Facts don’t seem to mean thing anymore just as long the right candidates say the right things. It is a fact that dictatorships rise from country’s suffering financially through false promises. The right-wing says the things people want to hear and those supporters only realise their mistakes when it’s too late – look at Napoleon and Hitler, to famous examples. Maybe, with Liz Truss and now what’s happened with the American midterm elections, this fascination with potential dictators is dwindling allowing the sense politics to return.

Let’s move onto more recent events with the new Prime Minister – Rishi Sunak – shall we. First off, let’s discuss his Premiership ministerial appointments. One is Dominic Raab – deputy PM and Justice **ha ha** secretary. Now, the issue with Dominic Raab is basically as long as a piece of string. Forget all of the lies and coverups look at his proposals and work. This is a man who wants to give prisoners voting rights! Prisoners are in prison as a punishment for crimes not as an all expenses paid holiday and giving them rights – in-particularly the right to cast a vote on who runs the country is contradicting the whole point of the prison system. I don’t see the Afghan situation as his fault as the UK and US agreed to withdraw troops, so why was there such a surprise when the Taliban took over (again)? The Afghan crisis happened while he was on a “family holiday” and he never cut-short this trip, which if it was a family holiday, he shouldn’t be made to return from it (there are plenty more useless idiots who can cover for him) but how can he then criticise Angela Rayner for going to the Opera? (At least she didn’t deny going, not that she to tell anyone she was going).

However, look his bullying and behaviour towards “his staff” and his, er, naïve, no, piss-taking. Take his time as brexit secretary. He said he “hadn’t understood how much UK trade relies on the crossing between Dover-Calais. Does he expect anyone to believe that? The UK is an island and Dover is the main route to and from the continent. Maybe he’s a time-traveller and he went back that day and just forgot what year it was because, once upon a time, Britain had many trade ports all over the country. It’s just that the Channel Tunnel has opened up a huge trading gateway, so not relying heavily on it would be a huge disadvantage.

Then we have Gavin Williamson [The reason for the “Scar” in Scarborough – sorry Scarborough, I think it’s a fantastic town!]. Look at the cockups with the school exam results, leaking National Security information, hint of racism and bullying (What’s with all this bullying).

What about Suella Braverman. Six days after she quit her role as Home Secretary, under Liz Truss, over a security breach Sunak appointed her as Home Secretary. Sunak even denied he knew about Williamson’s and Braverman’s issues. This coming from a man who said he would bring back the trust within the British Government and he would be great leader. Sunak is just the same old PM that we’ve had for the last three years.

Not to mention bringing back Michael Gove as “Levelling Up” Secretary. What does that mean? And what did Gove level up last he had the role? It’s a nonsense role made for a nonsense individual.

It looks like Sunak is just keeping his and Johnson’s mates in the government. At least Truss made an effort to change things up! Sunak is just a slimmer, English-speaking Boris Johnson.

The Conservative government is a soap opera that can rival Coronation Street! It’s an utter joke. It’s like the Conservatives want a more American government system. Take the Ministerial role names. “Secretary of state for…” they’re trying make British government roles sound more Americanised. Then you have Boris Johnson wanting his own plane – like the US president. They are just ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the only way to change things would be to vote for the Liberal Democrats (Forget 2010. 2010 was a coalition between the Conservatives who had the majority of election votes. The Conservatives had power – take a look at the next coalition with the DUP, who actually remembers that the Conservatives needed two coalitions to form their two out of their first three governments?). The Liberal’s were a great party in the second half of the nineteenth century, seemingly collaborating with the Conservative party in bringing in much needed reforms and bringing in a societal revolution. They haven’t been in power since the end of First World War – with the exception of two Conservative coalitions.

We have the SNP, who despite being Scottish, would bring much needed change to Britain. There is nothing wrong with having a Scottish Party in government. Yes, they would favour Scotland but they would also bring balance to the rest of the country and void this England grasp on the country. Let me completely balanced now. Despite my own opinions, Farage would not be the answer for change as he would make you believe he would. Farage is a complete dictator and is only in politics for his own greed and personal benefits. He doesn’t care about the “normal, working-class” citizens and his childish antics towards interviewees when challenged should be more than enough to avoid him.

The Lib Dems and SNP would be the change this country needs and provide the kickup-the-backside the political scene truly, desperately needs. There is an alternative to voting for the Lib Dems and SNP and that is returning to an absolute monarchy. I know we missed a treat with The Queen, as she would have been a great ruler, but Charles could surprise us and make a decent monarch too.  

That’s it for this GraveTalk. Hope you enjoyed it. I am going to move around the next couple of GraveTalk’s and give my opinions on Qatar holding the World Cup as well as my take on Elon Musk and Twitter. The other GraveTalk’s can hold off for a bit longer. We’re nearly at 50 articles (not that impressive these articles need to be put out there!).

Thanks for reading and see you all next time!





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