GraveTalk 45: Harry and Meghan

Regarding Meghan Markle, I think Alice Cooper says it best – “You’re poison”!

There’s a little documentary series going around focusing on two people who moved to the US to get out of the spotlight and to have a normal life but it’s causing a few issues and dividing people’s opinions. So, I think this is a great little topic for a GraveTalk! Jeremy Clarkson got some heat from his article so now it’s my turn! Let’s begin…

This isn’t the first time they have tried to get the spotlight on them. They tried this before with that Oprah interview not long after being dismissed from their Royal duties. They wanted a quiet, normal life yet they seem to be loving the media attention – trying to give them the sympathy card by making themselves appear to be the victims. It’s so hard to take people seriously when they behave in the manner of Harry and Meghan. A spoilt drama Queen and someone who wears a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party want to make out they have been hard done by? Sorry but I don’t feel the same way.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry seems to have been warped by Markle but that is often normal when you marry someone who has their own greedy ambitions to gain. The whole relationship beginnings to the marriage seemed to be a little rushed, having been together for just two years. Was there a hint of desperation involved?

It could be Meghan expected Royal life to be what it used to be back in the 15th Century. You can say Royal life is cosy and easy but it’s not that easy and Meghan Markle comes across as someone who wants a nice easy life and travelling and engaging with people is not something she appears to enjoy. What’s wrong with her interacting with “the peasants”? It’s not like she has to be sincere and take an interest – she could do what most do and feign interest AND she’s an actress so she should be good at that!

Regardless of what you may think of the Royal Family, this whole documentary series is staged for publicity and if any of it is true then it should have been resolved in private before (if ever) being released. However, she prefers to parade her “problems” in public. She has to be the centre of attention. One example is the racist button. She’s white. Regardless of whether she has a black parent, she in herself is white. She can’t possibly relate to black racism from herself (maybe directly from her parent’s perspective). She is rather a pathetic individual who is just upset in the fact she had to give up her acting career for Royal life (although the series seems to suggest otherwise).

It is disgusting how she compares herself to Princess Diana – someone who tried to make a difference in the world with selfless acts. The only way you can compare to Diana is after she has her inevitable affair! People will take this as an “attack on women” (I’m clearly not), however, Meghan Markle is a selfish, attention-seeking cow! The sooner Harry waked up and realises he’s made a massive mistake then the sooner both of them can move on in their lives and we can all rejoice in the fact they aren’t in the news all the bloody time!

Meghan Markle, based on appearances, comes off as bit of a snob, someone who doesn’t like to be second to anyone. So, for her taking second fiddle to Her Majesty The Queen must have hurt and embarrassed her. This could have been one of the reasons why she was desperate to get out of the UK after, initially, wanting to be a “Princess” (More like a Disney princess!).

Another reason could be the fact she soon realised Harry’s position and hierarchy within the Royal Family. Upon meeting him, she probably thought she would one day be Queen and then soon realised there was no chance of that ever happening due to William and William’s kids. I’m not trying to say she’s a gold-digger, but the title “Queen” would be something she would rather enjoy calling herself!

Let’s just move onto Meghan’s attitude and the reports about her bulling their staff. Okay, the allegations of her “undermining their confidence” and “emotional cruelty” could just be a media story trying to stir up the public’s opinion on her or just the staff creating a bit of drama exaggerating events to try and get their 15 minutes. I can see her being bossy but a bully, probably not. She wants to create a perfect reputation for herself as someone who has worked up from a poor background and bullying people once finally finding her fame would just put a massive dent into that reputation. [There you go, I am trying to provide a balanced argument!]

Far too many people moan and complain about the slightest remarks these days and you must tread carefully on executing authority on people because of the affect it might have on their “mental health” – I think this is an over-used excuse for just being lazy! I can understand if it’s a daily occurrence and they are being bullied or abused but being told to do something at work or words spoken in the heat of the moment are not forms of being bullied. People nowadays need to grow some thicker skin and stop whining about some stupid name-calling!

I now want to touch on the racism allegations she made now didn’t make when she was first pregnant! Meghan said – during her TV interview – how a Royal Family member made a comment about what skin colour her child would be. Everyone just assumed it was the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, however, I reckon it was Prince William as a typical brotherly joke! (That’s what I would have said). It would have been just that – a joke – and there is nothing wrong with making jokes no matter how tasteless they are. The problem is that they have since came out and denied ever making such a statement. They are both making a lot of “claims” but how are we supposed to take their “stories” seriously when they can’t even keep them consistent.

This article has so far been “Meghan-this” and “Meghan-that” so let’s switch to Harry. Harry has said how William physically attacked him, but I can see that being the other way round. Looks can be deceiving but William doesn’t appear to have an angry, violent bone in his body and comes across a decent, patient sincere individual – like his wife. He could be putting on an act or if he did attack him, it could have just been a harmless act that’s been blown out of proportion. Harry has also said about how his father, Charles, said about Harry actually being his child (I’d deny it too if my child was ginger… only joking if my child was ginger, it would be thrown out the hospital window! **Just a joke**). Now if this has been said, then it was clearly said as a joke because you can see Charles in Harry more than that James guy. Since saying these claims, Harry has told of how he wants his family back and to reconcile their differences. If this was true (and not just some publicity-seeking crap) then why hasn’t he made an effort. Moreover, why didn’t he bring up these remarks in private with his family instead of bringing them to the public?

Everyone loved Harry, even in his younger partying days – even dressing up as Nazi was forgiven, but since marrying Meghan Markle he seems to have changed and wanting a “Hollywood” lifestyle (despite already having a decent life). Swapping Holyrood for Hollywood has seen him go from keeping things private to exploiting “his life stories” as means to gain publicity and “make a name for himself” in the US. Meghan Markle is hungry for publicity and likes to be the focus of attention and Harry seems to be warped by her.

What Meghan and Harry wanted was to gain the sympathy vote and to make themselves to be the victims instead they have ended up causing nearly as big of a car crash than Princess Diana’s! [New joke appearing in my next joke book!] So much for that quiet life that they wanted!

Wow! That was a long one! It took me a few weeks to get this one finished. I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything over Christmas (supposed I just wanted to enjoy myself… DRINKING **you dirty bastards**. I have now found my motivation again and I have already started on my next GraveTalk – one about modern life AND **spoiler** it’s probably going to be longest GraveTalk I’ve done so far – 8 pages on the written draft and that’s not even finished!

So, did I give Jeremy a run for his money? Hope you enjoyed this GraveTalk and make sure to check out the next one! Thanks for reading!





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