GraveTalk 8: FOOOTBALLL!!! (My 2019/20 predictions)

Since I done ‘so well’ last year, I though t I’d predict the 2019/20 football (Fuck off America (**Whisper**Don’t tell anyone soccer’s a British word!)) season! LET’S BEGIN! PREMIER LEAGUE 1st – Liverpool [About bloody time!] (In Klopp We Trust! Will get this right one year!) 2nd – Tottenham (I know, no Man City [Everyone’s […]

GraveTalk 7: The Great British Revolution

Why it’s time for THE PEOPLE to take back our country! Two GraveTalk’s in a week – I do spoil you all! However, I may go off the rails on this one! I just want to talk about the UK government and politicians. They are useless, lying, thieving gobshites. When watching Parliament in process and […]

GraveTalk 6: (Gay) Pride

I know it’s late, but in the spirit of Pride, I feel like I should have my say. I know this is a sensitive issue and I am not trying to offend anyone with my wording (Apart from the dickheads) – hopefully you get what I’m trying to say! Let’s start with the misconception that […]

GraveTalk 5: Eurovision Review

NOTE: This is the 2nd time I have written this post. The first time, though a bit of drivel, managed to sum up all of my points. I clicked publish and I got a page saying my site had too many redirects and so I had lost my post (I did click save draft, after […]