GraveTalk 5: Eurovision Review

NOTE: This is the 2nd time I have written this post. The first time, though a bit of drivel, managed to sum up all of my points. I clicked publish and I got a page saying my site had too many redirects and so I had lost my post (I did click save draft, after each paragraph – so that doesn’t work). Because I lost my first draft, I can’t really remember exactly what I wrote nor can I actually be bothered. I will try and sum it up though. Let’s begin…




Eurovision 2019: Music, Politics & Australia!


Eurovision 2018 was all about PC and trying to make a point about women’s rights and how ‘looks aren’t everything’ (Maybe but they do help). It was fairly obvious why Netta won (What a stupid, bloody song that was!) Cyprus had a far better song.

As we have moved forward one year, 2019 has seemed to be much calmer on the social-revolution front (The last few years have brought us a new women’s rights movement (That died, just like the last time… and the next) and a Gay rights movement. Without the catering and influencing from the ‘social do-gooders’ did we get a a Eurovision of old? Did we get a Eurovision that focused on the music? No. There was still some of the PC crap in the background, but we did three songs contesting for the title. Macedonia or Sweden probably should have won it over the Netherlands (But in all fairness, the Netherlands have only just been getting through to the final night in the past 4 years and this was their first win since 1975 – so congratulations to them.

Next year in Holland (Please let it be hosted in Eindhoven or Groningen and not Amsterdam), we can have a Eurovision that is influenced by the music. The amount of good songs that knocked out in both semi-finals was shocking (Ireland), especially when you had songs like Australia (More on them later) that got through – but they got through on their stage props rather than the song. 2020 should be focused on having the best songs competing on the final night. Let’s leave the political issues and social movements out of Eurovision and just have an entertaining  song contest that everyone can enjoy.

(That was better in my first version, but hopefully you get the picture with that. Now let’s move onto Australia)

Now we move onto Australia. What the hell are these still doing in the contest? It was good to have Australia as a novelty act for the 60th anniversary but they are not in Europe! (Yes Morocco have entered, but at least they can say they are within the European Broadcasting area). Yes Eurovision is big down under, but Australia should be used as a novelty, interval act – And if they want to show a Eurovision fan area in Australia during the show then why not. And let’s be honest they haven’t really had good songs (One or two), but I think in 2020 Australia should not be entering and instead we should be welcoming back one of the best countries in Eurovision – Turkey!

My first Eurovision was 2009 and Hadise had an excellent song (Should have won), 2010 Turkey was represented by mAnga – again they should have won, but Lena was awesome (All three of her albums are good). 2011 and 2012 were, again decent entries (Maybe not as good as ’09 and ’10). Turkey provided us with decent songs and let’s be honest Turkey’s mix of Western and Eastern music is something that Eurovision is missing. You could also have Ukraine returning too – they had strong entries in previous years.

Another interesting point (Before I stop) is how different the BBC’s coverage and Graham Norton’s commentary was. The BBC usually make the contest even cheesier (Than it is (Most of the time) and Graham Norton making fun of the non-British entries and his clear bias towards the UK entry – even though he’s Irish (Yes he works for a UK TV channel, but does he really need to refer to ‘our’ and ‘us’ when referring to the UK?). This year they tried to take a more level-minded view and treated each entry with some respect rather than take the piss out of them. Hopefully this will continue and hopefully the UK can enter more decent songs – like Molly, Bonnie Tyler and Lucie and not piss-takes like they mostly do. If you take the contest seriously, the other countries will take you seriously and gets you better scores. Also let’s go back to the old voting system – non of this separate jury and fan voting.

That’s it as I can’t remember what I put and how I worded it last time, but I think I got my point across.

Hope you enjoyed this drivel and I will be back with another GraveTalk soon!







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