GraveTalk 7: The Great British Revolution

Why it’s time for THE PEOPLE to take back our country!

Two GraveTalk’s in a week – I do spoil you all! However, I may go off the rails on this one!

I just want to talk about the UK government and politicians. They are useless, lying, thieving gobshites. When watching Parliament in process and the term ‘The Right Honourable’ is use, there is a bit of irony in that term. you couldn’t meet more dis-honourable people. Okay, not all MP’s are bad – just the one’s who hold the most power. Then you get people like Nigal Farage (As in carriage) and Boris Johnson. In my opinion, Farage should never be allowed any kind of power or authority. The man is evil – the re-incarnation of Hitler (I’ve written more on him in a previous article). Boris Johnson may not be as ‘upfront’ as Farage, using a more bumbling idiot persona, but he is a scheming, conspiring little twat and that maybe worse. He would quite happily dissolve parliament to get his own way (A bit like Charles I, except for a more selfish purpose). He is not to be trusted.

During new PM election process there were TV debates and Johnson was abysmal in all of them. He either gave an answer different to the questions asked or simply didn’t (Couldn’t) answer and yet after each debate he is portrayed as a mighty leader? What debates were these people watching, certainly not the same as me! Surprisingly, I thought Jeremy Hunt came out the strongest in those debates (Still wouldn’t trust him, but he would be a more safer option to the nob we’ve got now).

For far too long the UK has endured too many incompetent governments – stretching back to Churchill (Just like Wellington, he did not make a good PM – and was overrated during the war [But more on that another time]). Yes we have had successful governments but since Thatcher this country has had governments who are just in it for themselves and putting the country in debt in the process. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government started to print new money (Like France in the 1780’s).

The UK needs change. The UK needs a government who can run a country. Reducing the national debt, increase productivity and get the country going again. Look at Germany. Germany suffered heavily after WW2 – financially and structurally and yet they are (In my opinion) the important country on the planet. Their economy is strong (even after 2 world wars), industry still strong, decent government and great cities – Berlin is a great, safe city, you can go out and have a great night without the fear of being stabbed. Now compare Germany to Britain. Industry is declining – once one of the manufacturing centres of the world, now we rely on imports, economy is weakening, poor governments, crime increasing and racism starting to come back (Thanks to that nationalist prick Farage). London and Liverpool seem to have a shooting or stabbing every day.

What happened? France and Germany have both suffered with dictatorships, suffered financially with war indemnities but they came out on top! If you look at Germany and Britain today, who would you say was the true victor?

In 1789, the French people finally had enough and took action – The French Revolution! Yes it led to the rise of Napoleon who did manage to transform France from a bankrupt, debt-ridden mess to a rich, prosperous nation – with an empire (Just forget the later years, but it did take Germany (Prussia) and Britain to defeat France). Like-wise, Hitler did a similar thing with Germany when he came to power (Again, just forget the later years!).

Look at the reforms that occurred in the (Some before and after) 1830’s with Sir Robert Peel – Britain’s greatest-ever Prime Minister and politician! The 1800’s provided Britain with many changes and the backbone to how we live today. What has really changed since then? The way of life (Some inner-city communities may say different) may be better, technology is better, transport – all the obvious stuff, but when you break it down basic life hasn’t changed that much. Go watch an episode of Whatever Happened To the Likely Lads – apart from technology and the prices, you could say it was set today even though it was the 70’s.

How long do we have to suffer with these pathetic governments? It’s time the we stood up! It’s time we took a stand! It’s time for a revolution! Let’s take a page out the French book – we’ve done it before with Charles I! We may very well need a revolution now. That maybe the only way to finally get this country great again (Sorry but since when was America great? Trump bullshitting again! Britain has great in our name – hence Great Britain!)

In the spirit of Twisted Sister ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It no more’!

#Britalution #Revolt

I know I went on a bit waffling about irrelevant things – I went off the rails slightly. The point is that we – as the British people need to take a stand and take control of our country! We just seem to be stuck in a loop with our governments. Our recent governments haven’t been different – Just the same old crap, from different parties. The Conservatives brought in the reforms in the 1800’s (The Whigs helped) but now they are greedy little bastards. Maybe give the other parties a chance? JUST NOT THAT EVIL, RACIST NAZI TWAT FARAGE!

Thanks for reading and surviving my waffle!

The next GraveTalk will NOT be about irritating politics! Maybe about 80’s music or maybe a list of possible funeral songs? You can let me Know by leaving a comment.

See you next time!








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