GraveTalk 6: (Gay) Pride

I know it’s late, but in the spirit of Pride, I feel like I should have my say. I know this is a sensitive issue and I am not trying to offend anyone with my wording (Apart from the dickheads) – hopefully you get what I’m trying to say!

Let’s start with the misconception that Pride parades is for gays. Well, the Pride festivals/marches may have started about gay rights, but now I think it has evolved into so much more. Pride may still be linked to the LGBT community but I think it is more about everyone who are “different” – people (of all races, genders, religions) coming together and being among others who accept them for who they are. Pride is more about respect, tolerance, acceptance and equality – people who live their lives the way they want having a good time, not just out to cause trouble.

However, even in 2019 you still get sad, pathetic arseholes who are either ignorant and just after trouble or just people who are just after attention. I am not gay, but it doesn’t bother me. I don’t care if you’re gay, different race or religion – I’m happy to be around anyone, talk to anyone (I’m not a Saint, but everyone is equal. I don’t know why others have to make a big deal of it, taking the piss [Having a laugh/joke] is different) – as long as they’re not a nobhead, but just someone who wants to go out and have fun and a good time, and not just looking for trouble. The phrase “Treat others the way you would want to be treated” is something most of us live by. Unfortunately, the nobs may relate to just a small group, with the majority of people being accepting and easygoing people. Examples are the thugs who attacked the two girls on a London bus, the knife attack on two lads in Liverpool and the idiots making stupid comments on the Liverpool Echo app regarding Liverpool pride. (Yes that last one is no way near as serious as being physically attacked, but comments like that can affect people mentally)

Pride is very much (I’m guessing) like going to gig – you’re around people who are like you and you can just talk and get on with complete strangers without any hassle (and like a gig, you get the odd prick, who just wants to get attention, pushing and shoving others. [Think that’s a good comparison]

It is sad that even in 2019 you still get sad individuals/groups insulting others for the way they are. School is different (Still shouldn’t happen, but normally kids grow up in the later years of school). But when you’re on a night out and so-called ‘adults’ still use childish ‘terms’ you have to feel sorry for them – Obviously, they’re that unhappy with their lives that they can’t stand seeing others happy. Just try and take their insults as a sort of complement. (Sadly it is more younger people who do this, with the older ones being more tolerant).

The fact is everyone’s different. No one is “Normal”. And that’s a good thing. There is no need to target innocent people just for being themselves. If you can get Liverpool and Everton fans (Okay bad example, that’s a friendly rivalry). If the majority of rival football fans can get along, then why do people still target the LGBT community.

Progression does take time and there have been huge progress and hopefully this will be one less social issue by the end of the (next) decade! #Pride4All #PrideProud #TakePrideOfYourself


Well I think my rant is over. Hopefully, you weren’t too offended with the wording, no offence was meant. I just want to get a point over. I don’t know what the next rant… GraveTalk, will be about – maybe regarding how the UK is now officially done with the appointment of the pompous, professional idiot – Boris Johnson – as PM? Who knows.


Thanks for reading. I shall be back soon!

P.s. The new design for my website is being looked at, so if you get an under-construction page, you know the site is getting it’s new look! YEEAAHH!!!








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