GraveTalk 3: PC. Feminism. Brexit – My Say!

Political Correctness? #MeToo and feminism getting out of hand? Everything getting blown way out of proportion? Friggin’ Brexit! Was 2018 a year of normality or just a continuation?

Over the last 10 or so years there’s been a rise of this PC trend! You can’t use certain words, you have to be careful of your actions, health and safety and this idea of ‘Protectionism’ – putting more of an importance on one matter over an other, i.e. feminism. This seems to be predominately active in the UK, but it has sort of spread across to other countries albeit in smaller doses or the people abroad aren’t too fussed over this crap.

GraveTalk 2: Football Predictions 2018/19

A change of plan! GraveTalk 2 was going to be about the craziness of the current PC craze. However… I’ve decided to put that on hold and use this as a football prediction post.

Sooo… no matter how crazy some of these predictions might be, I WILL be making my predictions for the 2018/19 (English) Football Season! Also, I’m going to try and setup a fantasy/prediction competition – more on that one later!

GraveTalk 1: Merseyrail New Trains – Yea or Nay on Guards?

Guess it’s time for a Gravetalk!

Time to have MY say on all the train strikes about Driver Only Trains (DOT).

Don’t worry because I am going to (well at least try) cover both for and against DOT.


Let’s be honest do we really need extra on-board train personnel? Probably yes – but at certain times and certain routes. However, the extra staff shouldn’t be guards.

GraveTalk SPECIAL: Déjá Vu? A 2018 Champions League Final (Liverpool) Preview

Welcome to the debut of GraveTalk! My original starting post is being held back for now, but I think this will be just as good for a first post. Got a little bit of #FootballFever? Well why not get to grips with our Champions League Final: Liverpool Preview! Enjoy.

Back in 2005 a small, little-known football club called Liverpool FC reached something called “Champions League Final” for the 6th time. Having produced the greatest comeback in the tournaments history, Liverpool went on to win their 5th European Cup. Now 11 years on from their last final appearance they take part in final for an 8th time, coincidently under similar scenarios as in 2005. Let’s take a look at the 2018 Champions League preview.