GraveTalk 21: Racism

Protests, bandwagons & Morals

Another sensitive GraveTalk – you know how I like to do these tough topics. It’s hard but being the man of reason that I am I feel I need to address this situation – Don’t worry I’ll be doing another sensitive GraveTalk next – This time on jokes!

Right, over the course of the last week America has been griped by a terrible incident involving a policeman killing an unarmed, innocent black man (What’s new you may ask!) Well, this time the killing has led to riots and worldwide protests. This is what I want to discuss.

Before I begin I must stress that I am not in any way racist – I may make and laugh at racist jokes but they’re just jokes, no harm in that (Will discuss this more in the next GraveTalk). I don’t see people or distinguish people by the colour of their skin – Except for the Chinese, but who cares about them (Especially at the moment! [JOKING BY THE WAY].

Here’s a story, I was in The Court pub by Warren Street and this girl was working there, quite nice (apart from being from Manchester, again joking – She was also part Italian! That makes her a Mancalian!). She was a great girl , a pleasure and an example of excellent customer service. Anyway, I went in 5 months later (It’s my usual down there) asking if she still worked (A long shot as she said she was looking to leave). I said referred to her as the Manchester girl (Not because the guy was black, I would have said anyway) now the guy behind the bar didn’t know who I meant until something clicked and he said “oh the little black girl”. He’s not wrong but why do you need to distinguish someone by the colour of their skin. It should be someone’s personality that you distinguish them by. Now, if she wasn’t a nice person I would have remembered nor bothered asking, but pleasant people stick with you and that is how it should be! [Anyway, that’s my Father Ted moment out the way (Go check out the racist episode, its clean fun humour!)

Firstly, I am sorry for what happened to George Floyd (I keep calling him George Lloyd – after David Lloyd George). It is unfortunate that someone – regardless of colour, religion, etc.. – should be treated in such a way. However, why did police tackle him? (I know American police don’t need a reason, but still) Was because of a counterfeit note? I don’t know why the media continue to say he was unarmed, like that makes a difference. If he was innocent or guilty of whatever the police wanted him that does not mean they can kneel down on his neck and murder him. If he was armed, unarmed was he threatening the police? Most likely not. If he was threatening, then I still wouldn’t condone such actions, rather resort to other methods to calm him down. Why kill if no bullets have been fired?

However, despite by sincere condolences (Yes I do mean that – I know some of you think I am being sarcastic!), I have to say this is an American issue and the protests and gatherings outside the US are just people jumping on the bandwagon looking for an excuse to break lockdown rules (Albeit, loose lockdown rules). I will use the UK as an example (For obvious reasons).

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Le’s start with the term African American? Where does the word African come from? In the UK you’re Black British or White British (Or Yellow British – joking!). we don’t have a problem with race as colour is just the skin. Okay, if you are saying what about suspecting ‘darker’ skinned people over terrorism acts, well you’re right, however, that is due because of the minority of Muslims – Christians done it first; during the Crusades!

Now the media are trying to make this #BlackLivesMatter into propaganda – with terms such as ‘unarmed’, Piers Morgan saying “If Maddie was black she wouldn’t have got half has much attention”  and saying about how many black people die in UK police custody!

I read a Sky News article ‘All we are asking for is not to kill us’ and in it they mention ’13 black people have died in UK police custody since 2013′. They didn’t mention how many how many white people die. You need to do your own research for that and while doing so you find out the real facts (And after you do your own research you then see if BBC News did the same biased article, they did put they put in the facts that I found, meaning I should have just gone there in the first bloody place!). Now the BBC gets a lot of criticism but at least they provided facts and not a biased article trying to, quite clearly, add fuel to this out of control fire. Since 2010, 140 of 163 people who died in police custody in the UK were white – 13 were black and 10 were other ethnic groups. In fact the BBC give a graph with the percentage of whites killed in police custody is 85% with blacks being 8%. I think the point people are trying to make is that no one should die in police custody, unless it’s from natural causes or an illness – not from being assaulted.

So Piers Morgan is saying a kid that has gone missing has received so much attention because she is white? Now, I know some of you will say ‘that’s right’ – well you’tr both wrong! Piers Morgan has this complex about not being involved in the daily news. He just wants to be loved and accepted – for Gods sake will somebody do that! I personally will Patreon those that do! I can’t believe how he can compare the two incidents! Incidents like Floyd occur often in the US like high school shootings) and Maddie was kidnapped because of her stupid parents going for drinks leaving their very young children alone!

(I’m going to get some flack for this, but what parent leaves kids, of that age group, unattended in the first place? It was irresponsible to leave the kids alone while they go off drinking. What they need time to themselves? sorry but you have to make sacrifices when you have kids and if you have no babysitter then you shouldn’t be going out.) 

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Let’s move onto Tinie Tempah and his stupid comment. He made a comment referring to the Floyd death how you’d never let dogs be treated in this way. Now I tweeted him my response to that (Still no response).

How could he even say that. Thousands of animals are put down because of some sick individuals torturing them, beating them, overworking them – some down right kill them! What about poaching? Animals have become extinct because some clowns think it’s fun to kill them because they can! And you have this little rapping tit trying to bring animal abuse into an unfortunate murder case? There is no comparison – Only a small number of innocent people die a year and yet thousands of animals are killed or put down because of idiots! He was out of order with that statement.

South Park did an episode on racism and I feel they did a good job pointing it out. Now South Park are controversial and do tend to take things too far, but in this episode not only did they highlight racism they looked at it from both sides. They showed how white people don’t see major racism as a big deal (In this instance a black man being hanged by four whit men). The premise of the episode was about how people not seeing blatant racism and how people do see everyone as a person.

They made light of racism but no one in the episode (Apart from Chef) saw the black man being hanged. The adults thought it was just about changing the flag, without even noticing the obvious and the kids just saw A man being hanged – regardless of colour! Okay the flag was racist but your saw the ignorant white adults just wanting to preserve history and the black adults over-reacting to the oblivious white adults. Chef’s realisation how everyone doesn’t see the racism in the flag, at the end, with the white adults realising the flag is racist and agree to forgo history and change it proofs everyone does get a long.

These protests are making out that racism is rife – it’s not! i’m not a racist, you’re not a racist, the people protesting (probably) aren’t racist. There will always be a small minority of people who are racist – you’re never going to stop that.

All these protests serve no purpose. It’s like feminism. Women wanting equality – err, they’ve already got equality – what do they want? Should we just give them better jobs – even though they may not be able to do them? Do we just rollover? No! Protesters are people who have nothing better to do and just want an excuse to get some publicity! Real-world women, black people know racism/sexism is not everywhere. They know the most people respect them and that working-hard gets you the job that you want – not bitching and moaning! (The truth hurts! What about the feminists having a go at women who say the choose to be a housewife? They called them traitors?)

If protests have a true meaning and cause I am all for them. Like environmentalists. They have a great cause to demonstrate as the planet does need drastic action taken to reduce the pollution. However, this global demonstration over racism, in parts has a cause, but mostly it’s just people jumping on the bandwagon.

This next bit should be controversial but it won’t be. 1,2 3… Michael Jackson (I know, i’m quoting from a paedophile) had a song ‘Black and White’, which tries to bring people together and not judge or distinguish people by their skin colour (Something that I don’t), which is the way it should be! (For a paedophile, Michael Jackson did actually write some meaningful songs – unlike Rolf Harris who just wrotet about his exploits!)

More information has turned out over Floyd. Some woman (I don’t mean SOME woman, I just haven’t heard of her) called Candace Owens saying he was not a good person. Apparently he had five spells in prison (Doesn’t say what for). Okay, being in prison is bad but this being America it could be for absolutely nothing. Five times, odds are, probably, he’s done something bad. We don’t know why he was assaulted and killed (Again, this is America, it could be for just breathing – no pun intended) but whatever the reason he should not have been killed. Now, why was he in prison. Was he a rapist? Was he a kiddie fiddler? If he was in prison for one of those, or murder, then that makes the protesters even more hypercritical!

These protesters are making out like everyone is racist, how the world is against blacks. Just because some people do attack people because of their skin colour doesn’t mean we should be made out to be racist. I am sorry about this incident and it should never have happened, but I have to stress, again, that this is an American problem not a UK or world issue. The protesters in the UK and rest of the world are just jumping on the bandwagon, wanting to make it an issue in this country.

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I feel people try to use racism and sexism for any little thing as an escape/excuse of how their lives have turned out and use it to try and better themselves. Instead of looking for the slightest little thing, we should be focusing on the major incidents involving racism – like people being targeted and brutally murdered just for being black. The UK has had many of these cases yet I do not feel this Floyd murder is a racial incident just rather a tragic case of police brutality carried out by a no good thug which has, sadly, led to the death of an innocent man who just happens to be black. That police officer (If you can call him that) would have done the same thing to anyone else – regardless of colour.

Rioting, vandalism and assaults have got nothing to do with peaceful protesting. These people are just pathetic. They don’t care about what’s happened, they not making a stand it’s just a bunch of people looking for an excuse to cause trouble. The Bristol statue getting pushed into the harbour is just plain vandalism – no excuse for that. Throwing objects at police horses causing injuries to people trying to keep the safe, is assault. Some of these ‘protesters’ are taking this too far and should be arrested. Look at the crowds in Whitehall pushing and shoving people – There’s past events where crowds pushing has been disastrous.

These people arguing about the ‘slave trade’? The slave trade hasn’t been around for about 200 years – why bring that up? You can’t change the past, what’s done is done. The ironic thing about this protest is the slogan ‘Take The Knee’ – Wasn’t taking the knee that set all of this nonsense off? It’s like the coronavirus. They say black people are more likely to die from it? No they’re not, it’s a fucking virus. People are affected by it differently. If you really want to make a difference stop identifying people as black, white or coloured. People are bloody people. So stop you’re moaning and go home and watch ‘Love Thy Neighbour’!

People trying to get media coverage about stopping racism is just making things worse. People I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist but through out your day to day lives how many incidents of racism do you see? Incidents like these do, unfortunately, happen and yet classing them as a racist issue is wrong. Where will it end? Will we need to introduce segregation? With segregation you won’t have any issues with one colour taking precedence over the other. There are loads of people, like myself, who don’t distinguish people by colour and that is the way it should be! We all live in this world, so let’s all get along! #EverylifeMatters

Thanks for reading. Things may have got a little bit sensitive at the end and you may not like it, argue with my views if you want, but I am right – just like I am right about the Conservatives and the coronavirus.

I hope you enjoyed this GraveTalk and the next one will be a lot happier! The next GraveTalk will be about jokes/humour and the hypocrisy over making jokes about certain topics and none of a similar topic. I have decided on this to coincide with the release of ‘Crossing That Line’ Uncensored and Censored – my new joke eBook! Check it out if dare – I think I have some jokes that will make even Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle disgusted! (I’m working on a sequel to it and this one, believe it or not is a lot more worse – In fact I have even pulled some jokes as I have even disgusted myself. I may have gone too far with the second book!) 


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