As promised in my last GraveTalk I said I am going to do a more happier GraveTalk next – doing a list of my favourite Bond films. Before I start this list will not include Spectre because I haven’t watched it yet! Okay let’s see if you all agree with me! So from least favourite to favourite, here we go…

23 Quantum of Solace – Now I do like all of the Bond films, but with this one I thought we were getting a new version of Spectre with Quantum but it just disappeared and wasn’t included in Skyfall – Just a waste.

22 Skyfall – So with this film I felt they tried too hard to go back to the original formula and literally referencing the old films. It was good to see Q and Moneypenny back, but it still didn’t have THAT James Bond feel!

21 Casino Royale – You’re probably thinking there’s a theme going on here. Yes Daniel Craig isn’t my favourite era of Bond, as the film just lack that Bond feel. Die Another Die had that feel but they got rid of it for Daniel Craig. Yes they wanted to start again, but why? If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right! Yes UA were struggling financially and Sony have come in and saved them, but the films are more American shooting, action movies rather than the classy, sneaky, British spy thriller the previous 20 films had – Even when they add humour, Daniel Craig just can’t pull it off!

20 Diamonds Are Forever – It kind of shows in this film that Sean Connery had had enough. Brought back after Lazenby didn’t wanted to do a second, Connery wasn’t the same as he had been from Dr. No to Thunderball. You could see him becoming disinterested in You Only Live Twice.

19 You Only Live Twice – And speaking of You Only Live Twice, despite it being the first time Blofeld is actually seen, it isn’t as interesting as the others.

18 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – This film gets an unfair reputation. I thought it was quite good. The only bad parts are the action scenes – just bad editing (This also happens in Thunderball). George Lazenby comes in and does, in my opinion, a better job than Sean Connery. He portrays Bond like Roger Moore rather than the aggressive style of Connery – Connery doesn’t come over as compassionate as the others.

17 Octopussy – This is a bit like You Only Live Twice, in that Roger Moore is looking like his time is up. Unlike Connery, Moore doesn’t seem to show it in his facial expressions, but in his movements as it was more age catching up with him rather than just being fed up. Octopussy brought Bond to India – meaning Oceania is the only continent where no James Bond film is set in! (Yes India is country not a continent and no Australia is not the continent – The continent is Australasia/Oeancia)

16 For Your Eyes Only – This was a great little film, with some great moments. I feel that after the two previous films like The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker (Just Bond meets Star Wars) it is a more low-key film.

15 The World Is Not Enough – Pierce Brosnan’s third Bond film just doesn’t have the same impact as Tomorrow Never Dies.

14 A View To A Kill – Roger Moore’s final appearance. You can clearly see he is now  too old and it’s time to move on.

13 Goldfinger – You’re probably surprised at this being so low. Well, although I like it, I’m not too fussed over it.

12 Die Another Day – Or DAD for short! This film is a great way to finish Pierce Brosnan stint as Bond. It is strange to not have Desmond Llewelyn as Q, John Cleese does a good job. This is the last proper Bond film!

11 Dr. No – From the last PROPER Bond film to the first PROPER Bond film. The story might be fast-paced but it is a great way to introduce James Bond to the world. This is the film that started it all!


10 Licence To Kill – Timothy Dalton was a great Bond – my favourite! (Well Peirce Brosnan is up there!). LTK is Bond going rogue against a drug lord in the most gruesome film in the franchise! This is one of my favourites!

9 Moonraker – It’s just James Bond meets Darth Vader. It’s a remake of The Spy Who Loved Me except they’ve replaced the ocean with space. It’s still a good film and Jaws returning is good, but kinds of spoils his image by speaking at the end!

8 Goldeneye – Pierce Brosnan’s first appearance and one that is gripping from start to finish! It’s a fresh-new Bond film with the old magic!

7 The Man With The Golden Gun – Christopher Lee never made a bad film. The man who Ian Flemming wanted to play Bond, could never a play a good guy, showing why here! Christopher Lee is a great villian – playing James Bond’s equal. It’s a nice follow-up to Live and Let Die!

6 From Russia With Love – The first Bond film to have a theme song and one that starts a trend the train scenes in James Bond films! It’s a great second film, continues what Dr. No started!

5 The Spy Who Loved Me – TSWLM feels like a big-box office film. It is a classic with iconic moments, out the same year as Star Wars it is certainly up there with Star Wars – but in 1977 nothing was going to beat Star Wars as the biggest film of the year!

4 Live And Let Die – This is where James Bond got a bit of humour. Sean Connery was more serious, whereas Roger Moore does the lot! I think James Bond changed for the good when Roger Moore took over!

3 The Living Daylights – Say what you want about Timothy Dalton, his two films were fantastic! His films may be a bit darker than the others but that just adds to them!

Now we’re in the top 2. You should know the two films, but in what order???

2 Thunderball – My favourite Sean Connery Bond film. It just cements everything a Bond film should be!

1 Tomorrow Never Dies – I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as Bond. TND was the first Bond film I watched all the way through and it just has everything a Bond film should have!  And who can forget the remote control car!


So that’s my James Bond rankings. Do agree or disagree? Leave a comment and tell me you favourites. The next GraveTalk will be back to being serious – we ll the next two! I’m going to do one on racism and jokes/humour. The fun GraveTalks will return, maybe with a few more lists thrown in – who doesn’t like a good list!

Thanks for reading!

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