GraveTalk 30: Boris Johnson

Oh Here We Go!

Right, first things first Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been a while but I’ve had more website issues! Hopefully all the issues are fixed and we’re back in business! And out of all the things I could write about I feel that the first GraveTalk of 2022 should begin with none other than Boris Fucking Johnson! Maybe if you read this then perhaps you will see sense and finally see the TRUTH!

So strap yourselves in because this is going to be a good one!

Okay, so were do we start? How about with the more recent events, shall we, and then we will move on to the old stuff. So let’s begin with the “work meetings/parties” or let’s be honest, just complete piss-takes! Yes Starmer, who is a lawyer (solicitor if you’re from the UK) has had “wine dates” but Johnson has took the piss his whole life and yet people like and support him?

At first, he outright denied anything had happened and yet when challenged he then said that “no rules had been broken”???????? What!!! “Normal” people have since come out saying how they were fined thousands of pounds because they “broke” the “law” but how can these people, in-particular Boris Johnson, come on the telly every day stating about how many “new” cases there have been and how “we HAVE TO” follow the rules and just basically stick two fingers up at us?

I didn’t really think much of the whole “pandemic thing” myself, when it first happened [I still don’t think much of it now to be honest] (In fact, when the whole face-mask rule came about in 2020, I decided that I didn’t want to look like Chinese that I made my own mask’s – “Hannibal lecter” – which was/is the best, “rubber hand mask”, paper bag, rubber Halloween mask (that turned out crap) and a “Wear a Face-mask sign”) but I, reluctantly, stuck to the rules. In the past few weeks you have had people come out saying how they have been fined thousands and how they lost loved ones whilst these pricks have been “living it up”! Yes, “Downing Street has apologised (One of those people being Her Majesty The Queen – who lost her Husband (Prince Phillip) during one of those “meetings”.

He and the rest of his merry people – should be men but it’s PC – don’t give a toss about anyone else and if this happened during Queen Victoria or any other monarch Johnson would be locked up in the Tower of London to be executed (along with his little band!).

All these apologies from Johnson mean absolutely fuck all! He doesn’t give a toss about anything. He knew all along that what he done was wrong but he still did it. .Just like when he was in “intensive care”! I’ve said this before but Russia announced this a few hours before about how Johnson was in intensive care on a ventilator. a few hours later it came out that Johnson was in “intensive care” but just not on a ventilator!” Now, I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but why the hell would you be in intensive care and not be on a ventilator (Which is what they were saying a the time!)? That was a pretty pathetic PR move but one that I enjoyed because Russia leaked the news first before the UK Government did.

There have been photos and videos of Johnson and the rest of them laughing and joking at these gatherings not keeping their distance or wearings masks. The best one was Rees-Mogg at the Christmas party. He actually had the nerve to say how the police won’t investigate it in a years time and then the Metropolitan Police announced that they wouldn’t be investigating due to the lack of evidence! Lack of evidence? He’s on bloody camera saying it! The police job application form must be just ticking a box to say you’re not a robot!

Now, to add further insult to injury what about the half-arsed apology? Instead of starting with an apology he tries to argue his way out of it and then says gives the most sincere apology going! Boris Johnson is just a joke and the others in the House of Commons who “stand” up to him never follow up. Stand up and force a rebellion – make a change!

It’s not just recently but what about the crap he pulled over leaving the EU? That whole brexit shite was just a load of bollocks to help them keep their little tax dodging schemes. It was just pure selfish garbage and the pandemic has helped mask [No pun intended] it. Leaving the EU was the worst scenario and that will become clear in the coming years! Wasn’t one of the points being not having to comply with EU rules and make things easier without any red tape? Question has it? No! If anything things have just been red taped up!

Johnson has caused controversies through out his time in his many different roles. he’s got history. Johnson’s past, if written down, would be classed as fiction because nobody would believe how anyone could do and say the things he’s done! From letterboxes, Hillsborough, garden bridges and tackling kids (not with his tackle – well not on camera at least). And what about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe? He did a fine job in actually helping her get imprisoned.

He tries to act stupid as a means of using it as a scapegoat. If he tried this in another country he would be outed immediately. There would be revolutions, coups, action instead of just meaningless protests by people who just want to cause trouble rather than fight for a cause.

I did a GraveTalk about the general election [Check it out here] and I practically wrote an article within an article on Johnson and the Conservatives. I said what he’s like and why you shouldn’t vote for him but people did. I’m not surprised by anything he says or does and I am sick of people giving long analysis over him. It’s what he does. Just show his latest and move on. All this talk about he must resign is just nonsense. We all know he won’t so why keep saying it? However, look at who we would get if he did? Just another prick. We don’t need another PM resigning and getting another one chosen from within the party. What we need is him resigning and having a General Election. We need to get a proper public voted PM and hopefully one who will actually do some good.

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Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this GraveTalk! The next one will be a lot sooner rather than waiting half a year. The next one will be a fourth COVID one. I did one for the very first lockdown, then one on COVID and one about the vaccines. The next one will be about the new variants, vaccines, restrictions and what’s next. It will be fun to do and I hope you will enjoy it too!

So be sure to check out the next GraveTalk! If you have any suggestions/topics you think would make a good GraveTalk then let me know – leave comment or get in touch through social media!

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