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  • GraveTalk 43: Qatar World Cup

    GraveTalk 43: Qatar World Cup

    This one will cause some controversy! However, this is causing hypocritical responses from certain people. I think we’re going to return to the long GraveTalk with this one. Before we start, I am not pro-Qatar or anti-Qatar, I am just stating the pro-Qatar case as so many people have been providing the negatives about Qatar […]

  • GraveTalk 29: COVID IV

    GraveTalk 29: COVID IV

    The Pandemic fourthology is here!!! (Yes that’s not the right word, but it sounds awesome doesn’t it!) COVID the disease that’s closed the word! Last Autumn we had the great booster roll-out! The “third jab” that was going to save us all! And then it came out that it only lasts 10 weeks. I said […]

  • GraveTalk 30: Boris Johnson

    GraveTalk 30: Boris Johnson

    Oh Here We Go! Right, first things first Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while but I’ve had more website issues! Hopefully all the issues are fixed and we’re back in business! And out of all the things I could write about I feel that the first GraveTalk of 2022 should begin with none […]