GraveTalk 15: 2019 General Election Special

Here it is! Here is my Official Guide for the 2019 UK General Election. Enjoy!


Let’s start with this. Boris and his Conservatives are a bunch of whiny, pathetic, little brats. Blaming Jeremy Corbyn and Labour for their incompetencies – despite being in power since 2010. They, along with the media, try and put the disastrous era Tony Blair on Jeremy Corbyn – How is he responsible for Blair. If people can move on from Thatcher’s Conservatives why can’t people leave Blair’s Labour in the past?


Right, the UK 2019 General Election – The election on ‘Brexit’! Why? Unless there is an overwhelming majority winner this whole thing with Brexit will just be the same old crap under a different government. The election shouldn’t be based on ‘Brexit’ alone. It should be mostly based on domestic policies – what party is going to benefit the country the most during the next five years – more Tory cuts or a genuine change under a decent leader (By decent leader I mean anyone apart from Johnson or Farage).

I always try to look at the pro’s and con’s of anything (As you should… unless you vote Conservative or Nigel Farage in which case you are blind in one eye as you can only see things from one side). Throughout this guide I have done my best to see the good points along with the bad points. Now if everyone did this, this country would be by far better off! This election should not be about ‘Brexit’ but rather what the parties can benefit the UK in the next 5 years. Yes, we are stuck with the winning party for 5 FUCKING YEARS – SO VOTE FUCKING CAREFULLY!!!! #THINK #FUCKINGTHINK


Let’s start with the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn. Now, the antisemitism. This started in 2014 – before Jeremy Corbyn. When he took over as leader in 2015 he has not only apologised but has kicked out the people responsible – most notablyb Ken Livingstone. I don’t know where this rumour about Jeremy Corbyn being racist (Even though Jewish is a religion not a race, but that’s a talk for another day) but he is far from racist – Where’s the proof? Show me the proof?

Another, point is Jeremy Corbyn being an IRA supporter and how he wouldn’t use the trident missiles? He has come out saying he opposes violence and he has spoken with IRA members as a way of stoppng the violence. He would use the trident missiles – but only as a last resort. He would not be a weak leader, but one that would rather choose alternative methods rather than Blair’s suck-up to Bush and holding his hand as he (Bush) wanted to invade Iraq. Corbyn has his faults but he does speak sense and he does genuinely wants to help the country and I think under him we will finally have a Labour government we can be proud of. Corbyn isn’t a compulsive liar that Johnson is. he may have his faults but I would prefer five years of him than 5 years of Johnson!

(Go have a toilet break, this one’s going to be a long one!)

[I feel that this may come across as anti-Johnson, so here’s a good thing he did while being Mayor of London – Helped bring the Olympics to the city in 2012 – He probably had nothing to do with it, but let’s give him it and forget about the £43m wasted on a bridge that didn’t materialise)

The peoples that formed the Conservatives way back in 1834 would be turning their graves – especially Sir Robert Peel – The greatest PM in this GREAT country’s history (Don’t care what you say, Churchill couldn’t hold a candle to Peel!). How far from have the Conservatives fallen. From evolving from the Tory Party to helping to reform the country for the better under Peel to Thatcher, Cameron and now Johnson. Could the Conservative’s cause anymore suffering? Yes – Yes they can! They were once a great party (Which is why I would vote for them) but now they are full of evil, twisting, lying, untrustworthy twats!

Let’s start with something more recent shall we. Very sorry to use this. My condolences to the families involved. The London Bridge murdering bastard. The Conservatives (And Johnson) blame Labour for the early release. Sorry but does Johnson take the British public as inbred dickheads? Labour may have changed the law prior 2010, but in those 9 years, the Conservatives could have changed it back – they’ve been elected twice for fucks shake! Plus, where was the parole board? Shouldn’t the release of this nob have put before an independent jury? Sorry but the justice system in the UK is fucked up and that is partially down to the Conservative cuts along with the stupidness of the police forces. Look at the rapist jailed this week – Was his early release down to Labour? (Yes according to Boris Johnson). If you want to walk the streets alongside a bunch of rapists, vote Conservative! And, then that nob manages to bring Brexit to this London Bridge incident? How are the two related?

‘Get Brexit Done’ is the answer to every question. Johnson is a prick and Michael Gove is an irritating little moth. My last shit could do a better job than him – and Johnson! Look I want to vote Conservative, I do, but I can’t (And don’t see how any decent, moral person could) yet I do think they will – whether that’s through a fixed election or by a bunch of stupid idiots. I don’t think they will win a majority. I think it will be hung parliament, with the Conservatives (Unfortunately) winning. I don’t know how anyone can vote for Boris Johnson – There are people who say they dislike Boris Johnson but will vote for Conservatives… eh? They are either complete utter retards or just buying into this ‘Get Brexit Done’ bullshit – either way, use your fucking brains and vote the right way! (‘Get Brexit Done’ is their answer to everything.

How long do I have? Err… Let’s look at the lies (Just from Johnson – keep it short(ish)). Let’s start with when he became PM and he held that press conference in Manchester. He said his government would invest in HS2 and the North. A few weeks later he came out and said that HS2 was going under a review because be it may not be worthwhile? WHAT? And what’s more, weeks later they started work on HS2 in Birmingham – Wasting money! Why not invest that money on the NHS? Oh that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more.

Everyone likes to condemn Jeremy Corbyn and Labour regarding the anti-Jewish remarks (For which Corbyn has apologised and took action against the ones responsible) but when it’s the Conservatives people just gloss over them. For example (And this is recent), Flora Scarabello. Now if this was at any other time she would not have been suspended – she’s only suspended because this happened during an election. Now, all of these Tory supporters (and fellow anti-EU inbreds) love to bring up past quotes and actions of other party members – like Jeremy Corbyn. yet, when asked about Boris Johnson’s (And fellow Conservative and Nigel Farage’s) past remarks/actions they say it happened a long time ago or you can’t base them on what they said/did in the past? Double standards there! Johnson has refused to apologise for his ‘Pillar box’ and ‘bank robber’ remarks about Muslims – AND HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR PRIME FUCKING MINISTER! (Let’s not forget his contribution in the jailing of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Johnson, as the Home Secretary – He got involved and made things worse for her and then washes his hands of the situation (Which is probably for the best). Boris Johnson constantly insults the people of this country (And his dad – Congratulations to him for being able to spell ‘Pinocchio’. Wonder if he can spell ‘Condescending fat twat’?

Then there’s the NHS. This week that tosser Trump has come out and said he doesn’t want the NHS. Wouldn’t touch it. Watch these two videos. One is him saying he doesn’t want it and the second is him saying the NHS would need to be part of a trade deal. Johnson and Trump think everyone is brain dead (And they must be to vote for them) but if you enjoy the NHS how can you vote Conservative?

Watch this at 1.10. This is the good part. You can watch the video below from the beginning.

There are loads of things Boris Johnson has done – too many to mention. I’ll get back to Boris later because now I want to move onto the other Conservative nobheads – like Gove, Patel and Javid.

Okay, let’s begin with that irritating obnoxious tit Michael Gove. Gove is a man who got upset because Channel 4 refused to let him represent the Conservatives on their ‘Leaders’ debate. I think the key word there is ‘Leaders’ – Is he the Conservative leader? I know he would like to think so, but he’s not. Yes, maybe they could have let him (I would have, just to let him mention all of his lame-arse bullshit) on but they didn’t and we got a melting sculpture – a great metaphor regarding Boris’ PM reign! Gove refuses to answer simple questions. Dodging the question on Channel 4 about building new hospitals. 6 or 40? Won’t answer and goes on the offensive to Labour. Well the answer to that question is… (Drumroll please)… none. There are new hospitals being built currently (Maybe that’s what they’re talking about) but there won’t be anywhere near 40 – they might get close to 6 in the next 7 years – get the planning permissions done in the five years and construct them within two years later. Then there’s leaving the EU. Gove has changed his mind constantly on this. ‘We can’t leave with no deal’; ‘We need to leave without a deal’ – He hasn’t got a clue. He is a lying toad and one that shouldn’t be part of any UK Government.

Sajid Javid, the Chancellor. Here we go. Apparently, all of these cuts, all of this austerity and the Conservatives have managed to cut down on homelessness caused by the previous Labour Government. Okay, that’s what he claims. Shall we look at the official figures? 2003-2009 homelessness fell (This was under that bastard Labour Government, nasty bastards them lot). Now under the Conservatives (Truly heroic inspirational saints), since 2010 homelessness has grew by 40%. Javid, you are our Chancellor yet you seem to have trouble with numbers? Doesn’t look good does it!

Priti Patel, don’t let her name fool you, there is nothing ‘priti’ about this horrible cow. From saying the UK should enforce food shortages on Ireland, to her Israel meetings and her views on poverty. The things she’s said are quite remarkable especially when you consider that she is the Home Secretary!  This article sums up her track record,, take a look.

Then you have people like Jacob Rees-Mogg. What prick he is. Like Johnson and many other politicians he tries to dodge questions – my favourite is this one. He is asked about if he is against gay rights and abortions. He doesn’t actually say he is against rather trying to be clever and say Catholics are against abortion and gays (But we all know he’s against them). Here’s the interview And then there’s there’s the Grenfell Tower comment. And the twat has the nerve to say he didn’t say those things and his word were took out of context. Here’s the article with the video. Watch and learn.

These prominent Conservative members/MP’s so no remorse and what’s worse is that they truly believe their views are right. Yes, everyone says things inappropriate but most don’t men them. These Conservatives say these things because they believe in them and they WILL act on them. They say the right things sometimes just to get your votes and once they are elected they will do the exact opposite.

Under another Conservative Government (yes 5 more years) there will be more austerity, the homelessness problem will worsen, the crime rates will increase (There has been more crimes under the 9 years of the Conservative Premiership), the NHS will slowly become privatised – they will be crafty over the NHS, slowly bringing in the changes. the working people will continue to suffer and, the cherry on top of the cake (If you are only voting for them because of brexit), is that brexit still won’t be delivered (Unless there is a huge majority). Think about it. brexit still has to get passed in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Boris will not get brexit done. Even if he does brexit WILL NOT happen in January.

[I just also want to point out about our PM stealing a journalist’s phone. He took an ITV journalist’s phone and put it in his pocket – That’s theft! (Okay he more than likely gave it back, but he did it to get out of being asked questions about the sick child lying on the floor in a Leeds Hospital). Johnson and the rest of the Conservatives do not care about the general public. They want to do things that benefit themselves. Don’t be fooled.

Here’s a quote from the BBC debate last Friday. This is what Johnson said ‘Lying politicians should be made to ‘go on their knees’ – So why hasn’t he? Why haven’t Gove, Javid, Patel, Mogg and Farage? This list may come from the Lib Dems but it is a truthful list with facts. You can’t argue this list, this list has 10 lies made by Boris Johnson. There’s still some missing.

The Conservatives are a deceitful, slimy, untrusting bunch of liars who will show no remorse in destroying this country. On Thursday you have choice to get in a new party to bring the changes this country desperately needs. Remember the longer we have a Conservative government the worse things will get and the harder to fix them! Act early and the UK’s issues could be resolved quickly.

(I told you it was a long one. I could keep going but I think I better stop. Take a breath… up next the Lib Dems!)


The Lib Dems have said the right things – including scrapping brexit. Britain is a much better position as an EU member than not being a member and staying in the EU is a must. Now I like the Lib Dems (Especially under Charles Kennedy – probably the best politician the UK has had since the 1800’s!

It would be interesting if the Lib Dems managed to win as it would be break up the Labour/Conservative stranglehold that has been around since the 1920’s. yes the Lib Dems were part of a coalition in 2010, but they were second to the Conservatives, they didn’t really hold any power. It would be good to see what they can do. However, people still go on about the Lib Dems failing on their promise to scrap tuition fees in 2010. They only said they would scrap the fees if they were elected. As part of a coalition, without a majority, it is hard to push your policies through. You can’t judge the Lib Dems based on their part of a coalition – I mean look at the DUP (How many people remember that we have a coalition government now!) The Conservatives overshadow their government counterparts.

Why the Lib Dems won’t win the election – their leader. We’ve had two women PM’s and they weren’t the best. I can’t see people voting for a third (So soon after May). I think Jo Swinson says the right things and believes she can deliver her promises (Like Corbyn) but in reality it will be hard. She and Corbyn are genuine and not lying bullshitters like Johnson and Farage. But is Swinson PM material, I just don’t think so.


I know what you’re thinking and, yes, the Liberal Party is still going! The party that took over from the Whigs as the Conservatives main rival, the party William Gladstone became Prime Minister four times under. The Liberal’s most successful era was in the 1800’s eventually falling from grace in the 1920’s giving way to Labour and eventually spitting up with members forming the Liberal Democrats.

(yes, you all thought it was going to be Farage and the Brexit Party next well… surprise!)

The Liberals winning would be great for nostalgia but it would also cause the biggest shock in the history of UK politics and may lead to the shakeup this country needs. A Liberal win would serve as a wake-up call to the bigger parties to get their acts together. It would be nice but they won’t win.

(Suppose I have to…)


Nigel Farage is an evil, conniving, scheming, lying, horrible, frog-faced bastard! And when he speaks he might as well just hand out sacks of crap as that [crap] is simply what comes out of his mouth. He is a hypocrite, back-tracking question-dodging twat. If Nigel Farage (And work with me here) ever becomes PM he will become the modern day Adolf Hitler – he kind of looks like him and they both share the same views (Look the image – not doctored, but his PA should really position his mic better!).

Please don’t vote for Farage. If you have any sense, you won’t. Watch this video about a vet asking Farage how he would get new vets. What does he say? We’ll get new vets from abroad? This from a man who wants British jobs for British workers! Don’t trust him. Ignore and vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party! (Hell, I’d rather have Boris than Farage – And that’s saying something!)

I won’t bother with the other parties. The SNP are a mixture of Labour and the Lib Dems, but with an emphasis on Scottish Independence (They will give more power to Scotland, but there won’t be an independent Scotland). Plaid Cymru – similar to the SNP except smaller and no one is really bothered about them (Even in Wales!) – the same about the DUP. The DUP are actually in power now (as a coalition with the Conservatives – hard to believe isn’t!). UKIP, ha!


Right, I think it’s time to round this up! I’ve made this longer than I should have. I will leave you with these parting words. VOTE LABOUR! I may not like it, but Labour under Corbyn would be best for this country! The man is genuine and does want to help the country and it’s citizens! Unfortunately, people will vote for the lying scumbags also known as Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party. It will be close, the Conservative’s won’t get a majority (Probably another hung parliament) but people will vote for them. How I don’t know how people could vote for him – maybe the election is fixed?)

Please don’t be duped into voting Conservative or Brexit Party. I’m telling you Labour are the best bet – if you care about Britain, if you care about British infrastructure and institutions – Vote for Labour! The Lib Dems would be interesting, but I am voting Labour (For the first time in four General Elections). At the end of the day you are all entitled to vote for whoever you want but I hope this my guide is of some use. Before you vote Conservative just remember what they have done – don’t be fooled by their lies. Do vote the right way. Remember, we’re stuck with the winning party for the next five years – SO DO VOTE SENSIBLY!

Thank you for reading. I will be doing a few more GraveTalk’s (Going back to the schedules I put out in the last few).

See you all next time!!!

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