GraveTalk 29: COVID IV

The Pandemic fourthology is here!!!

(Yes that’s not the right word, but it sounds awesome doesn’t it!)

COVID the disease that’s closed the word!

Last Autumn we had the great booster roll-out! The “third jab” that was going to save us all! And then it came out that it only lasts 10 weeks. I said it from the start, this whole COVID thing has been an absolute joke! That’s not just my personal opinion because when you go back and look at the facts you can understand why. Look at Boris Johnson and his little gatherings back in 2020 – laughing and joking amongst themselves – yes they spread themselves out and sat in groups of 6 (there’s the point for them!) but they had to all enter the same entrance and they all could not have been in the same social group!

You then the Christmas and Summer parties. Now there was no social distancing then! The bastards even made jokes about them during the parties! They practically rubbed it in our faces! COVID has been nothing more than a mutated flu all along, I called it back in the first COVID GraveTalk! (Okay I said it would all be over by the Summer and it has dragged on for 2 years). I said all these restrictions wouldn’t make a difference and that we should just live with it. Guess what? That’s exactly what’s going to happen from March this year! Two years from the very first lock-down, life is going back to normal and why? Has this ever-so serious “virus” sent an email or tweet saying it’s leaving or simply becoming less lethal?

Now I’am no scientist or expert but how can a virus go from being so deadly to nothing within 2 two months? Forget all this Johnson crap, this “latest variant” was supposed to see one million UK cases by the end of December – We didn’t see half of that! Just like the original prediction in the Summer of 2021 when we were told the Delta type would see 100,000 cases a day! (Again, that never materialised did it!).

And what about the “no more isolation’s from March”? If the virus is so contagious and deadly then why wait until March? Why not go back to “normal” now? Or has the virus decided to go away in March? I think I put something like that in the first COVID post, about how we shouldn’t be worried about THE VIRUS and as it turns out (over the last two years) we really shouldn’t have been.

Just look at all these professional sports-people who have contracted this virus. These are supposed to be some of the most fittest people on the planet and they have all said how they have suffered with the virus and how it’s the worst they have ever felt. And then you have the general public who have mixed reactions to it. Some say it’s nothing others says they were on the brink of death. I think all the sports-people are just over-dramatising the situation for publicity. Now, for the general population they’ve obviously got/had something else wrong with them because I have had it and all I got was boredom. I used be fit and healthy now not so much – something all these “experts” say puts you in the danger zone, but I didn’t feel a thing.

As for the vaccine, how can they make a vaccine for a “new” virus within 8 months (December 2019 – July 2020)? You could achieve this, if it was similar to other viruses but we have been told time and time again that COVID is completely different to other diseases – such as the flu and cold, despite having the same symptoms.

There is definitely something more about the last two years that we have been not been told. I am not one of these conspiracy-theorists but this COVID stuff appears (from a UK perspective at least) to be more of a scapegoat than a major disaster (The major disaster in the UK is called Parliament but that’s for a different post). I think the UK Government is just using COVID as an excuse to cover for Brexit and the rest of their plans for the country’s institutions. With Conservatives, the NHS will be sold-off and COVID is the best way to do it, COVID allows them to “highlight” the problems a lack of funding causes. Yes, the Tory’s cut the NHS funding but selling it off they can say the new “owners” can invest in it and give it the finding it deserves.

Okay, let’s say for instance COVID was “man-made”. So you had world leaders discussing how to “thin out numbers” regarding the world’s human population and paying off China to make a virus to kill-off a few million people. However, they cocked-up so they had to make a vaccine to assist the killing off of people. It sounds like a film script but that’s what has happened. The virus hasn’t killed that many people – when you compare it to the billions of humans – and the vaccines have killed people despite what the “experts” may lead you to believe.

As we are discovering through global warming, new viruses are being discovered – having been frozen for millions of years – and with the Chinese eating any old shite – it is possible unknown diseases can spread from other species to humans; so yes COVID was most probably a natural occurrence. However, the vaccines are a load of bollocks that haven’t really done anything. The flue vaccine isn’t that effective among certain people but it works for most – in that it prevents you from catching it or if you do catch it, it is so light that you don’t notice. The COVID vaccine isn’t really stopping people from catching serious case of COVID and people are still dying from the virus even though they have had the vaccines. Look at the BCG and Meningitis jabs. They both work in preventing you from catching the diseases; yes they may only last for “x” number of years but if you are jabbed the chances of catching the diseases are very rare.

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Sky News did and story about North Korea and how they could be the last COVID battlefield. North Korea were the only country to do the right thing and actually close it’s borders entirely. North Korea rely on China for pretty much everything and yet they had the balls to close their border with China from the start to contain the virus and to stop it spreading into their country. You can say the DPRK lie and are untrustworthy over their claims of no cases but if you close your borders how can people contract a disease? Yes, because they rely on China for everything, North Korea have suffered internally for the last two years but they did the right thing. Okay, so North Korea turned down the vaccines but let’s be honest the vaccines don’t work so is that really a bad thing? They have sort of took a Sweden approach to it, just without the natural immunity because obviously they have had no cases. However, COVID is no more than a cold/flu so North Koreans should be fine when they eventually get back to normal and open their borders fully (Yes, again with the jokes – where they ever fully open!).

The end is near and whatever you may think about COVID one thing is for sure and that is that COVID had been a complete joke and all the lock-downs have been a complete waster of time. There has been a study about how all the lock-downs have had no effect on peoples health in preventing COVID. That’s quite funny since the “Chief Medical Advisor” Chris Whitty has said the restrictions and rules will help reducing the spread and the vaccines work. let’s not forget his compatriot Patrick Vallance, someone who used to work for GlaxoSmithKline – so his advice isn’t just based on the “obligatory brown envelope”.

Look! Just take a minute to think about all of these points and make your own decision. Genuinely, has COVID REALLY been that bad? Has this been “the global pandemic” “Disease X” that we’ve heard about years prior? Take a look at the facts and figures and no it isn’t. Six million people have died worldwide from COVID but how many of them are genuine?

And what about these “tests”? There have been reports about how they are not accurate and because the symptoms relate closely to the cold and flu, how do we know a cold doesn’t corrupt the tests? And all this “you need a COVID pass” to get into venues is just a load of shite. You can just bypass that, simply by just getting a lateral test strip and just typing in the government website a negative result without even taking the test – all you need is the test strip number! (Oops, sorry Boris! Did I just let my readers in on a secret to get past your restrictions?”

Well thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this GraveTalk. Now that I have my website back up and running I am going to put out more regular GraveTalk’s. Okay this one didn’t go to plan because I had it written out in my head before I got the site active again, but I got most of the points down – just not all of them.

I think the next the GraveTalk (If you guys are interested) will be about either The Conservative Party or Dark Humour (Or about a new UK Hooters opening in Liverpool?). I will do all three and they might be out within the next week, since I have pretty much finished mos of my work so I can concentrate on blogs.

Be sure to check out the next GraveTalk! 

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