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  • GraveTalk 37: Cost Of Living

    GraveTalk 37: Cost Of Living

    Prices are rising! Is it due to leaving the EU? The pandemic? The Ukrainian War? Or just because of some greedy people inflating costs to get more money? First of all, money is just a man-made invention; something to trade in return for goods. In the good old days, people could trade a load of […]

  • GraveTalk 29: COVID IV

    GraveTalk 29: COVID IV

    The Pandemic fourthology is here!!! (Yes that’s not the right word, but it sounds awesome doesn’t it!) COVID the disease that’s closed the word! Last Autumn we had the great booster roll-out! The “third jab” that was going to save us all! And then it came out that it only lasts 10 weeks. I said […]

  • GraveTalk 27: Vaccination Special

    GraveTalk 27: Vaccination Special

    Welcome Back!!! Well isn’t this a surprise! After almost a year GraveTalk is BACK!  Firstly, One.com thanks for letting my site get like that and thanks very much for the help you gave me to get it back running again (well only after I told you and then it took you 8 months to take […]