News of the Week 14/2/20

W3: 14/2/20 Welcome to Week 3 of my News of the Week series. I said I’m going to write this daily and I have. So here are my news highlights of this week! So without further ado, let’s begin with Graveyard’s News of the Week! MAKE-UP FOR MEN After a trial at John Lewis, Oxford […]

News of the Week 7/2/20

W2: 7/2/20 Welcome to Week 2 of my News of the Week posts. This week has been filled with quite some fun news stories as well as some actual news. (I did balls things up. I was going to start writing from Monday but forgot all about it and, as a result, have lost *forgotten* […]

News of the Week 31/1/20

W1: 31/1/20 Today marks the first of a (hopefully) weekly series of my take on the news of the week. Rather than write a GraveTalk on the subjects or send out tweets (that I can’t send in 140 characters), I thought I might try writing about the best news stories of the week and what […]