News of the Week 7/2/20

W2: 7/2/20

Welcome to Week 2 of my News of the Week posts. This week has been filled with quite some fun news stories as well as some actual news. (I did balls things up. I was going to start writing from Monday but forgot all about it and, as a result, have lost *forgotten* a few good stories. I’ll start from Monday working my way to Friday starting next week!)

So without further ado, let’s begin with Graveyard’s News of the Week!


STOP THE PRESSES! THE BIGGEST NEWS TO COME OUT OF THIS WEEK! JENELLE EVANS [Who the hell is she? Seriously!] is not returning to Teen mum 2! I know it’s Earth-shattering news, I just hope you can still sleep tonight! Just thought I’d get the worst out the way first. 5/2/20 courtesy of Hollywood Life


‘Look mummy, I’m a big boy now; I don’t need a bib!’


I couldn’t resist. Seriously, though I was more surprised to find out he was married! (Please give this man a knighthood for being so brave) 7/2/20 courtesy of This Morning


Okay, first off my sincere condolences to her family.

Now with that over with, what was she doing in the middle of the bloody road? Pretty much everyone in Britain has crossed the road, when the pedestrian light is on red, but most of them do it when there isn’t oncoming traffic!

The fact that the police officer was speeding is irrelevant. If you’re standing in the middle road you’re going to get it -what do you expect! She’s been playing too much ‘Freeway’! Yes, he was doing 57 mph but he did hit her at 28 mph but again she shouldn’t have been in the middle of the road to begin with. The driver always gets the blame but where’s the blame on her part? I’m sorry if this sounds disrespectful but I am right! If you’re going to cross the road, do so when it’s safe.

The driver’s a dickhead for doing 57 mph in a 30 zone, but she isn’t blameless either. THINK! 4/2/20 courtesy of Liverpool Echo


Very surprised Johnson hasn’t blamed Labour! He was under police surveillance – what were they using to keep track of him? Wetherspoons WiFi? Another innocent life cut short because of these stupid religious potatoes! Something does need to change because this is getting ridiculous  – people aren’t killing through religion (terrorists), they just randomly kill for kicks (youth gangs). you can’t go out now without wondering what could happen! Muslims are not terrorists – Islam is a peaceful religion, it’s just a few nutjobs that use religion as an excuse to carry out these acts. But let’s not be scared. Let’s be united and continue to live normal lives! 2/2/20


There was a story this week and I was going to use a video of George Harrison from The Simpsons saying ‘It’s been done’ but I’ve forgotten the article, DOH!!! Anyway, moving on…


Another high-profile death. My condolences to his family. But come on he was 103; he was overdue! (No disrespect meant). 5/2/20


This is all way and good, but 250 miles in a 130 mile range car that stopped 4 times to be charged? Surely, it wouldn’t take 4 charges to do 250 miles if it can do 130 – Even with a self-drive computer, the car should still be able to do it with less stops. I think Nissan are bullshiting on the range! The should go back to the Almera – a great little car! 5/2/20 courtesy of Sky News


A LATE ENTRY – David Moyes talking about Jarrod Bowen. He started talking about his past signings he bought from the Championship, including Leighton Baines. Now, I’m not the best at football knowledge but even I remember Baines went to Everton from Wigan – who were playing in the Premier League at the time. Is he the biggest joke in football management?

Well that’s it for this time. I’ll start putting in the best News each day (next week) so when next Friday comes around I can just add the news from that day and then publish it. That way I’m not forgetting news articles from the week. Hope you enjoyed it this week – I think it’s better than last week, especially with the picture and video (I will be including more of them in future editions!)

Let me know what you think of this post in the comments below.

See you next week!

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