Sumo Cyco @ The Asylum, Birmingham 24/3/18

Venue: The Asylum, Birmingham, UK; Date: 24/3/18;
Bands: Skarlet Riot, Sumo Cyco; Doors opened 7:00pm; Show started 8:00pm


(Apologies in advance for pictures and videos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the best positon and I can’t really be bothered clearing up hard-drive space so I can save the edited videos [I know that sounds unprofessional, but well…bollocks]).

This is my first time so please be gentle!

The Asylum: A great venue. The stage area is a little on the small side, but it does make for a great atmosphere – PLUS it has beer on draught! Beers tonight were Holsten (think it was pills), San Miguel, Carlsberg and another one (Didn’t catch it – sorry!).

The place was packed and there was a great choice in background music to warm us up!

Skarlett Riot

Skarlett Riot came on and played a fantastic song in ‘Break’. I saw them a week prior in Sheffield, however, couldn’t hear them properly – they are good!

They certainly got the crowd going. The next song was the ‘The Storm’ followed by ‘Empty Inside’ (Full Live song below).

“Empty Inside, Skarlett Riot. The Asylum, Birmingham”

They got the crowd going with the normal “Who’s up for Sumo Cyco” schist. They said they’ve been to Birmingham a few times – never heard of them before, but will be definitely looking out for more of their show that’s for sure.

Their next songs for the remainder of their act were ‘Calling’, ‘Closer’, ‘The Wounded’ and ‘Warrior’ – this was a bloody brilliant song to finish on!

Went for a little intermission (not a ciggie break, a toilet break). On the way back I actually got to at to…er…(I guess?) Skarlett how good they were – definitely going to l


Sumo Cyco
First gig with only one pint! I tried to get another one but I wasn’t getting an even worse spot than I got so I decided to go thirsty!

The smoke started and the beginning of ‘Sleep Tight’ started playing (A great song to start off with – just like in Sheffield!). Next up was ‘Anti-Anthem’ and ‘Loose Cannon’ (Or going old school as Skye put – full song video below).


“Loose Canon, Sumo Cyco. The Asylum, Birmingham”

Sumo Cyco really know how to get the crowd going. ‘Cry Murder’, ‘Free Yourself’ and ‘The Ugly’ were next up. In between, they ran through who’ve they’ve to they have toured with from Alien Ant Farm to Fozzy (The one that got me hooked on them – as an opening act they stole that show in just 30 mins). Another awesome track was next in ‘My Name Is Rock ‘N’ Roll’

Then it was time for ‘Fighter’ – a truly great song (Unfortunately, I got the live video last year). Next up was ‘Give It Away’ (Loved how they played it. Red Hot Chillis are good but Sumo Cyco’s version do it better – live video below). They teased playing a different cover, which could’ve resulted in a one-man riot at the Asylum!. Seeing ‘Give It Away’ live is incredible.


“Give it Away, Sumo Cyco. The Asylum, Birmingham”

With me satisfied, the rest of the night was great. Sumo Cyco just seem to get better with each show!

The following songs were ‘Brave II’  and then they did their trademark “in the crowd routine” with ‘Like A Killer’. Skye got onto the bar got a shot of JD started the song. Matt (The guitarist) took centre stage on the…er… stage. There was nearly an accident when she tried to got onto someone’s shoulders and almost collapsed but luckily nothing had happened (lucky because I didn’t have the camera ready to catch anything).

After ‘Like A Killer’ it was announced that they only had three more songs left (Quite shocked it was finishing early – last year in Chester (And Sheffield) finished later.

‘Go Go Go’ was the first of the final three, with the trademark kneel and jump act (Live video below).

Then we had ‘Move Mountains’ and finally we finished up with the new track ‘Undefeated’ (Live video below).


“Undefeated, Sumo Cyco. The Asylum, Birmingham”

Overall, it was a truly amazing show! Skarlett Riot we great and Sumo Cyco just outdid themselves AGAIN! They are a band you really need to see, if you’re into rock/metal! A true 5 Star gig and after the show I ended up back in this great bar – The Wolf. This bar has a great atmosphere and staff offering a warm, friendly time and it’s just a couple of minutes walk from the venue!

Hopefully, Sumo Cyco will be having another UK tour in November (They didn’t have one last year). but if not next March can’t come sooner!

Hope you enjoyed the review. I’ll try and do better with the next one – but if it’s for a band I like don’t count on it! I’ll be too engrossed in atmosphere!

 Thanks again and see you all soon!

(As explained above the image in the gallery below are not that good partly due to where I was standing and partly due to the fact that I am not a bloody photographer! Hopefully this is a one-off as I do normally get (and stay) at the front so my next gig should feature better pictures and videos!)







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