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GraveTalk 37: Cost Of Living

Prices are rising! Is it due to leaving the EU? The pandemic? The Ukrainian War? Or just because of some greedy people inflating costs to get more money? First of all, money is just a man-made invention; something to trade in return for goods. In the good old days, people could trade a load of […]

GraveTalk 36: UK Justice System

[This was originally started just before the trial started but because of problems and other work, this has taken a back seat and it was finished well after the trial ended – definitely, not my intention. I wanted to release this during the trial because it would just prove my point] Probably a sensitive and […]

GraveTalk 35: Propaganda

What is propaganda? The one definition is “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.” Think about that if you please. Now this GraveTalk may be ever-so slightly controversial as I will be going against the PC culture and the whole “acceptance” thing, but I […]

GraveTalk 34: British Monarchy

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has just celebrated 70 years on the throne. There are plenty of people who criticise the Royal Family and want to see it abolished. Their reasons because “they are a drain on the country’s finances”, “they don’t pay taxes” and “Anyone should be allowed to become Queen”. So, let’s go […]

GraveTalk 33: Everton Football Club

First thing first. I may be a Liverpool fan but I will be fair and offer not biased views in this GraveTalk. I want all Merseyside teams to do well and succeed and Everton is no exception, so seeing them in this situation is worrying but Liverpool fans can relate – as I shall be […]