GraveTalk – For the good old days!

Welcome to GraveTalk! The #SenseMaker for the #AntiPCBrigade!

I’ll be writing about things that really piss me off and I’m sure I won’t be alone. Feel free to join in and add things to these posts!

This blog is to made to represent the good old days before all this PC and tolerance crap! If you are offended by anything I post do let me know, but do remember one thing…I don’t really give a shit!

On this blog I will speak my mind and write what ever I want regardless of how many people I upset in the process! On the subject of offending, do make sure to pay attention as I may throw in some cheeky (offensive) jokes in some posts!
Well there’s your warning. Come 2018 once week someone somewhere will be offended…….BY MEEEEE!

Have a great New Year’s Eve and DO get absolutely pissed!






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