GraveTalk 3: PC. Feminism. Brexit – My Say!

Political Correctness? #MeToo and feminism getting out of hand? Everything getting blown way out of proportion? Friggin’ Brexit! Was 2018 a year of normality or just a continuation?

Over the last 10 or so years there’s been a rise of this PC trend! You can’t use certain words, you have to be careful of your actions, health and safety and this idea of ‘Protectionism’ – putting more of an importance on one matter over an other, i.e. feminism. This seems to be predominately active in the UK, but it has sort of spread across to other countries albeit in smaller doses or the people abroad aren’t too fussed over this crap.

This is mostly done to the inept, over-the-top British media trying to stir things, but also used as a scapegoat by the government to blame the country’s problems on others – like the European Union (And how they are enforcing laws, telling the UK  what to do. This is a load of bullshit).

People have been jumping on this social bandwagon of what is ‘right’, ‘wrong’ and equality. These people fighting for ‘equality’ seem to be forgetting the meaning of the word and turn minority groups into majority groups. There has to be line drawn on these people. The ‘real-world’ citizens seem to be immune to this following, but you get people caught up in all this drama that this social movement could develop into more serious matters. We are in the midst of the new ‘global trend’ and as much as this feminism, LGBT and PC crap is garnering mainstream attention, give it a few more years and all of this will have died down. Until, the next global trend begins.

Life is too short to be obsessed with all these little matters. Everyone is different. We are who we are. Most people accept that, but there will always be a small group who don’t. Enjoy life. Broaden your horizons and embrace your qualities. Do what you want to do, do not follow the trends like mindless sheep! We should be helping each other, joining together to make a difference instead of developing separate social core groups.

(Sorry for all that waffle. I had it all written down in my head when I started, but by the time I resumed (About 2 months later) I forgot it all. Hopefully you can get what I’m trying to say.)


Now where do I start? EU Laws? That twat (Nigel Farage – That’s Farage as in baggage – This is not Keeping Up Appearances he doesn’t have an accent in his name).

How about the referendum? What is a referendum? A referendum is a vote that allows the electorate to have their say on a proposal. However, the vote is not binding and the government does not have to act on the outcome. Now let’s get to the facts. Fact one, all people who voted leave are either registered paedophiles or people who breed with cabbages (Just look at Nigel Farage, a prime example of this). Fact two, the UK government should have had an itinerary in place for either outcome well before the referendum took place, discussed outcome and it’s affects (weighing up the pro’s and con’s) and then acting on the referendum result. However, what the UK government did was act on the result without having any plan in place. And people still say the UK will be better off without the EU? The UK politicians couldn’t be put in charge of buttering a piece of bread let alone run a country.

Every Leaver has stated one of the reasons they want to leave is because of the EU telling the UK what to do; Sorry, but they don’t. Look around EU countries, laws differ in each of them. Taking the smoking ban. The UK  – can’t smoke inside any public area. In The Nederlands you can smoke inside pubs, but in the separate indoor greenhouse. In Germany, you can smoke inside public places (As a non-smoker, I think the UK has actually done right thing on this, for once). Health and Safety – The UK wouldn’t allow a platform to be above the train carriage floor, but in Germany (Specifically Berlin) they do. Each EU country sets it’s own laws and regulations. It’s just that the UK Governments have been so incompetent over the years that the EU has been used as a scapegoat. Blaming the EU is a just an excuse to cover their inefficiencies.

Let’s talk about the issue that twat Nigel Fag…Sorry Farage kept brainwashing people with – immigration. Sorry, but the UK has control over it’s borders, but let’s be honest, Farage is just talking about illegal immigration. EU citizens are entitled to travel freely within the EU and get a job. Romanians, Bulgarians, French and German citizens are allowed to live and work in the UK, just like UK citizens can live and work in the EU – and those that do, always say how better life is living abroad in the EU. Now, illegal immigration (Non-EU citizens). the UK has complete control over illegal immigrants and France also helps control illegal immigration in Calais. No country can stop entering a country. No matter what a country does, illegal immigrants will always find a way in. It’s just that the UK is one of the easiest to enter, because our borer force officers are just a bunch of useless idiots who, again, use the EU ‘Open Borders’ free movement as an excuse as to why illegal immigrants are allowed to enter. If some British people weren’t too proud to claim benefits rather than take ‘menial’ jobs then there would be no need for immigrants.

Let’s talk about money. This idea that the money the UK saves from paying into the EU will be put back in British services is a complete load of bollocks. All that will happen is that the  MP’s an the rest of the greedy robbing-bastard politicians will get more ‘Pocket money’. The UK may put money into the EU (Second to Germany), but the UK gets just as much back – Just look at all the cities that have benefitted through regeneration work, with EU money – London, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Liverpool. The UK government has said that the country needs more homes to keep up with the demands of the rising population. Where will this money come from? The UK government –  haha! The new homes being built now are all funded (Or mostly funded) by EU grants. And what about the NHS? If the healthcare system is struggling now, it will be non-existent once the affects of Brexit take place.

Trade links. The UK trades with the rest of the world now. The EU just makes it easier and offers more security on the quality of goods imported and exported. Without the protection of the EU, UK import/export quality will become a lot worse.

 The fact is that the quality of governments in the UK has been declining since the Second World War. The UK may have been on the winning side, but which country came out of the war better – the UK or Germany? Have a think about that.

Now everyone has an opinion, but Nigel Farage plays the system as good as Donald Trumpet. He is a hypocrite, a liar, money-grabbing and delusional. He is looks like many things: a paedophile, a frog and the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. He says he hates the EU, but is happy to take a wage from them (And a pension and expenses), says he wasn’t a director of Farage Limited (Even though a search on Companies House says otherwise) and slags of immigrants even though he is descended from one. Now, let’s compare him to Hitler. He has stated his dislike of immigrants publicly – even to name nationalities specifically, Romania and Poland (Like Hitler), he would like to come to power and failed (Similar to Hitler). Maybe Farage’s aim is to try and make the UK become a crumbling ruin of a country, like Germany after WW1, and turn around it’s fortunes to become an economic powerhouse (Like Hitler), but unlike Hitler he hasn’t got the brains to any of them. Farage is a dangerous lunatic (Like Hitler) and if he ever becomes leader of the UK he will be the second coming of Hitler. He used propaganda (Like Hitler) to brainwash his inbred ‘sheep’ to accept his views on the EU. Luckily, the stupid UK Government has shown people how inept they are and people are starting to see what a prat Farage is.


Now the UK people have spoken (Despite being wrong), the UK Government has acted on the result and so the UK (probably) will leave the European Union. People want the UK to stand alone (Don’t know how that’s possible on an island, that relies on other countries) and take back control (You can’t take back something you haven’t lost or had in the first place). The fact this day and age, the planet is becoming more connected as one and it is much better to stand together than go it alone.

The old ones that voted leave, stating how their parents/grandparents fought wars and survived fine without the EU, as a reason to leave is nonsense. I’m pretty sure that if the EU was around 100 years ago, people would want to be in it.

Once the UK leave, people will soon realise the value of the EU and all I can says is: I told you so!

(Thanks for reading this load of drivel. You may agree with it or disagree with it. I have had my say on the matter. Tell me what you think with a comment. If you disagree with it, see how short you can summarise your dislike by commenting only a few words).

If you like this, why not let me know what you’d like me to rant about next? leave a comment below. See you next time.







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