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So this is the first GraveTalk since January. I haven’t forgotten about it I just haven’t had anything to right about, however, since the UK is going into it’s fifth week of (TNA) Lockdown (10 points if you get the reference) I thought I’d do a special GraveTalk – about any random shite and news!

First of all, I hope everyone is keeping well and in good health. I haven’t really been affected by this lockdown as I am still working as usual so I haven’t had a chance to do things I would really like to do – like learn the guitar!

It’s nice to know @CrawlersHQ (Follow on twitter) are getting more mainstream exposure over the last few weeks, with their new song Placebo. Looks like I know talent when I see it! #MoveOverSimonCowell!  But in all seriousness I have seen them a few times now and they are something special. They are bring something different to the table when they perform. From Holly’s on-stage persona to her trumpet – They are band band just ready to breakout! (Check out my Gigzter’s post about bands to watch out for in 2020 – Okay, with the lockdowns, it should be renamed to 2021 or 2022 or 2023 depending what the government say!).

I have been quite surprised by how well the UK has taken to the lockdown rules, I honestly didn’t think people would ‘co-operate’ with the government but most have (I know some haven’t, but their nobs!). I will say that this virus is one way to meet pollution reductions for 2025. However, I have found that there have been a lot more nobheads on the road than before the lockdown. I have actually been able to drive at ’70 mph’ in the left lane of the motorways – ‘Like I always do!’ – but I am getting more people driving up my arse – in the left lane, when the other two lanes are empty! Why not just overtake if you want to go faster. Okay I may go over 70, but I don’t get right up behind somebody.

Now  what about Donald Trump. Is he just mentally retarded or just taking the piss? Talking about drinking disinfectant to cure COVID-19. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read The Mail’s report about New York’s emergency phone centre receiving record number’s of calls about taking disinfectant and then another report saying they’ve had 30 cases of disinfectant exposure. Are these just people cleaning their homes or are American’s really gullible idiots? I mean The Mail is like The Sun – expensive toilet paper, but if true,  then American’s are really living up to their national stereotype! Britain really did dodge a bullet losing that colony! At least the Australian’s know how to drink! North Korea (More on this in a later GraveTalk) must love having an intelligent leader!

What about Boris? The government told us it will take months to recover from the coronavirus (Well up to 6 weeks if taken into hospital and put onto an oxygen mask) and yet Boris is back to work two weeks after coming out of hospital. Begs the question to whether he actually had it? I don’t trust this government especially when they denied Russia’s claim about Johnson going into intensive care only to confirm it hours later! Forget #HeyGoogle it’s now #HeyPutin! It does make you think, however, doe governments tell you the truth as North Korea gets a reputation and yet ‘the Western’ world (UK and US) do the same. Could North Korea not be that bad after all?

You don’t get put in intensive care unless you are really ill and if Boris Johnson was that bad he would still be recovering – I did say he would be out by Easter; the resurrection of Boris Johnson. Know we’ll never know, but if this was Kim Jong-Un people would be questioning him… just saying!

(You look at Handoncock, Paedo Whitty (He may look like one, but I’m sure he’s not, I actually feel sorry for him – no it’s Handoncock that’s the paedo!) and the other Tory nobheads – it’d pretty strange how they all claim to have had Coronavirus in the same week, but a week later they’re back to normal! I’m not one for conspiracy theories but you have to admit things seem a bit fishy!)

Despite what you may think and despite of what people may say (If they are telling the truth, then forget this) but hopefully Kim Jong-Un is in good health, even though he maybe a chubby, stupid Chinese man with a stupid hair-cut (Donald Trump is a stupid, fat, old, lady-boy Filipino with a stupid haircut) but my A-level history teacher said to be a good historian you need to take the positives and negatives. With North Korea it’s difficult because as a ‘Westerner’ you get told what they’re like, but when in-fact what you are told you can relate that to any country – In particular the UK and USA.

Talking about Boris Johnson and bullshit. What about him being labelled as ‘a match for anybody on a tennis court’? Now, if Kim Jong-Un was reported to be this good on a tennis court it would go down as North Korean propaganda, but no one seems to have batted an eye lid when it’s said for Boris. So Boris Johnson is a better tennis player than Andy Murray, Rodger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal? Is this not British propaganda because Boris Johnson is a fat twat who can’t even play rugby against a bunch of kids. (Sorry the kid was Chinese (Well Oriental) so it’s okay!)

It’s nice to see that The Gigzter slogan is generating world-wide. You know the t-shirt – available in white, green & pink – ‘Music Brings The World Together’ – Women’s fitted clothing and hoodies are available.

I will be doing special GraveTalk’s for Eurovision and my favourite Bond films in the coming weeks. I was going to do a special Eurovision live stream for The Gigzter but having received an email from Eurovision themselves, we can no longer do that (Well The Gigzter can’t but I can… I’ll think of something).

I think I’ll wrap things up here. Hope you enjoyed your 30 seconds of reading, I’ll be back with my list of Bond films (best to worst), I am a Bond connoisseur so my list will be the true list. I’ll also be doing something special for Eurovision weekend as well as a GraveTalk on North Korea.

So thanks for reading and make sure you take your daily shot of Dettol – Just kidding… DO NOT DRINK OR INJECT ANY DISINFECTANT (Not that I need to tell you that, it’s just for legal reasons).

Thanks for reading and if you if you agree, disagree or just have some random shit to write, why not leave a comment!

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