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  • GraveTalk 18: North Korea

    GraveTalk 18: North Korea

    YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Now I know what you’re thinking and yes I am mad, but I feel I need to right about the DPRK and compare with the rest of the world. Not that I condone or support North Korea’s actions but rather to see how they truly compare to other countries. Again, […]

  • GraveTalk: Lockdown Special

    GraveTalk: Lockdown Special

    RANDOM SHIT! So this is the first GraveTalk since January. I haven’t forgotten about it I just haven’t had anything to right about, however, since the UK is going into it’s fifth week of (TNA) Lockdown (10 points if you get the reference) I thought I’d do a special GraveTalk – about any random shite […]