GraveTalk 27: Vaccination Special

Welcome Back!!!

Well isn’t this a surprise! After almost a year GraveTalk is BACK! 

Firstly, thanks for letting my site get like that and thanks very much for the help you gave me to get it back running again (well only after I told you and then it took you 8 months to take action). 

Now that’s out of the way it’s great to have a site again and while I’ve been away there’s been some major taking points – mostly about COVID. So being as I cause controversy and I may cast my opinion on sensitive topics I think it’s only fair that the first GraveTalk back should be about these bloody vaccines! 

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Right, the COVID vaccines. Where do I begin? Well, I should say thank you to the NHS and all medical teams/scientists across the world for working hard this past year (Just like the medical personnel did a century before). 

Let’s start off with COVID. I said this last year that it isn’t that serious and having had it I can say it isn’t that serious. The worst symptom I got was boredom from not being able to go out for 10 bloody days. 

If you are fit and well then you have nothing to worry about (or even if you are not that fit, as I’m not all that fit any more – sorry ladies). You only have to worry if you have any health issues because that will just make your immune system work over-time. 

What I’m getting at is that most people only go to try doctors when they have something serious or when, say, a headache may last for a few weeks, they don’t go just because they have a runny nose. Underlying health problems are just that and unless you have a full medical checkup you are unlikely to be aware of any such issues. 

Just because someone is “young and fit” does not mean that they are healthy. Let’s be honest how many young people get checkups? It’s only when they have a health scare or get pestered into it by older relatives who themselves have had health scares. 

Now you can say there are celebrities/sports people who say they felt really bad with COVID, but how many of them are just trying to milk the situation? If they were truly bad then they would be in hospital, no? Okay I am speaking from experience but everyone is different (but not that many can be truly that bad can they?)

Look at Piers Morgan (tit) who claims he got COVID at Wembley in the final because of the fans barging in before the game? He claims it’s the “roughest” he’s ever been, now understands COVID more and is so “grateful” to Astra Zeneca scientists for the vaccine. That’s just a plug for the vaccine – utter bollocks from a publicity-seeking toad. “All the millions for have died from the virus”? Grateful he’s still here because of the vaccine but about the millions who have survived from COVID who haven’t had the vaccine? More unvaccinated people have recovered from COVID than those who have been vaccinated, which tells us it’s not as deadly a disease as we are being told!

There are plenty of diseases out there (and in history) that need more pressing attention. COVID should now be treated as a seasonal virus not this global crisis!

COVID is just a mutated flu virus that wasn’t and isn’t something to be afraid of. Some people may experience difficulties and can have serious complications but the majority it’s just been a case of get on with it. And since the announcement that lockdown is ending the UK government said there could be up to 100,000 cases A DAY until September (I said bollocks at the time, and as time of writing, three weeks later cases had peaked at 50,000 and have been getting lower since. It was like last year with the mass testing. They set a daily targets which surprisingly only met on final days but they claimed they had reached that target? Go figure?) 

As for the vaccines. The flu vaccine was produced across three decades. Now, if this virus is different from the flu and truly new and unknown, how can you make an effective vaccine within… what… 5-6 months? Of course not. 

Don’t get me wrong this is not some kind of anti-vaccine rant – far from it! I just don’t think it’s best to make the world guinea-pigs. More work needs to be done on the vaccines in order for it to be effective and safe for people.

Heart-attacks, blood clots, strokes, blood disorders (and not to mention the data-chips, government spy cams and 5G infections – If you believe the last three please go and fill a bucket with boiling water and stick your head in it please!) [DO NOT DO THAT] [The fact I have to even put that sums up the world we live in] aren’t really things you want even how low-risk – the point is the vaccines can cause them and when you’re talking about people’s health it’s not a risk you should take – saying 399 people have suffered blood-clots and only 71 have died out 25 million jabs – one person getting one of those reactions is too much! 

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Ask a doctor on whether the vaccines will do any good for you with the Indian (sorry “Delta”) variant. They will tell you that if you have existing health problems it may offer some protection but not much, but if you have asthma get the pneumonia vaccine can help give you a greater chance of fighting the Delta strain.

There are risks to pretty much everything but I would rather take the virus (again) than “voluntarily” get a vaccine. However, we’re being turned into sheep and need to get one just to go out! 

We’re told that the vaccines are not just to protect ourselves but to protect others around us, family members, friends, colleagues. However, if you can still catch and spread COVID after being fully vaccinated then hugging and being around others isn’t really protecting them.

Let’s move onto the mandatory vaccinations from October. Why do we need to produce “passports” to go to pubs, gigs, night-clubs, etc… especially when there will be another lockdown in October/November. The vaccine won’t stop you from getting it and we’re going to have to get a booster jab (which will  become a jab every 3-4 months). Vaccines won’t stop people spreading it or becoming seriously sick – as proven! I can’t wait to listen to what Johnson and his two stooges have to say when the inevitable does happen and cases rise in the winter because the vaccinated are out and about spreading the virus about (Because if you’ve been double jabbed you don’t have to isolate – remember dickhead said that!)

Look at Vallence’s “cockup”. If he did make a mistake why did he have his “excuses” and “explanations” ready? “Vaccines aren’t 100% effective” (Tell that to smallpox, oh wait you can’t!), “those numbers are to be expected”? The fact is only half of the UK population have been fully vaccinated and 40-60% are in hospital – something everyone is saying won’t happen if you get the two jabs – is still high considering Vallence said it will be only 10%. 

The government and pharmaceutical organisations have spent money on the vaccines; developing, producing and distributing them and they just want to see their investment has been worthwhile and not to be seen just throwing money away (which they do on a daily basis – it’s called MP’s wages!). Because of the money, they will always downplay the risks but the facts are that this vaccine is a trial, an experiment – a first draft, if you will – and with all firsts there are complications. It would be far better to wait until a kore successful vaccine is found rather go into the deep-end and end up having to get more jabs later on. 

Being exposed naturally to COVID is the best solution for the majority. Only those vulnerable should get. Giving it another year to let the scientists understand COVID better  so they can develop a more effective vaccine should be the way forward. In the meantime, we shouldn’t stop living or travelling. If you have it or have symptoms, take a test and isolate – MEANING DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE! 

Unfortunately, Boris Johnson is going full Hitler (just as I predicted he’s become in my election GraveTalk) and is essentially grabbing everyone by the balls in making vaccine passes mandatory for people to go out in September. This is something that needs to be stopped immediately because if he is allowed to this then what’s to stop him from controlling the country further down the line! Things have become more serious than COVID. (Personally, I don’t think this will happen. It’s obviously a threat try and get a surge in vaccinations and when he’s happy with the numbers this idea will be scrapped – I just have to fold this time as I have too many gigs lined up from September that I ain’t missing!). 

With the right vaccine this virus can be contained but I just don’t think these two jabs as well as the future booster jab will do it. Look at past vaccines, in the early days they weren’t that good but they were improved with time and have since been perfected. 

You are all capable of making up your own minds and if you are going to stand-up to Boris and can ride this out until next year when it should hopefully be forgotten about and these “passes” will have faded out, well, good luck to you. But do make sure you get vaccinated when there has been more time in developing a proper vaccine. I will be getting a vaccine because of what I’ve previously said. So if you don’t hear anything from me again you know why… Boris fucking Johnson – and please get justice for me and get him done for murder, thanks! 

(Oh, and what about Dominic Cummings saying about the Brexit £350m was a true figure. He does realise he doesn’t have to lobby for it anymore because that’s all over and done with now? And as for the figure, it’s been already been proven to be inflated. Even “Mr Brexit” himself Nigel FuckedUs has came out and said it was a false figure. Is Cummings that bitter over splitting up with Johnson or is he just desperate for attention? What a pest!)


This has just popped into my mind. We’re going on about vaccines and how they are “sooo” important but here’s a thought. What about the BCG and meningitis jabs? We’re told you only need one but in reality we should be getting them renewed as we age. We get told in school that the BCG jab stops us from getting TB for life (yes because of the vaccine TB is far less serious in the UK as it once was), however, the BCG jab actually expires after (randomly checked this a few years ago, hold on a check while I reprise)… 15 years! So when we’re in our 30’s we should actually get a “booster” jab. What about the meningitis jab that we get when we’re babies? That’s only up to 5 years! But do we get re-vaccinated? No! Those two diseases are by far worse than COVID-19 and yet we’re putting emphasis on a new virus that is as deadly as the flu unless – like the flu – you have serious existing health problems (or problems that are unknown).

There’s plenty of diseases that are far worse than COVID and it’s those that should be prioritised and invested in! Not just diseases but natural conditions that are – and will – become more of a majority within the global population; such as blindness, hearing loss, heart disease, Cancer, AIDS/HIV – even the bloody plague! The plague? A disease that has been around since the 1300’s and is still around today in third world countries, like Asia, Africa and the United States (That is a fact), but let’s drop everything for this “new” virus that is as deadly as a cold! Time to get our priorities right!


Well that’s it for the first GraveTalk back. It’s been nice to have a little rant. Just don’t view this as an anti-vaccine rant. I am all for vaccines and haven’t got a problem with getting vaccinated. I just have an issue with being vaccinated with a rushed-through vaccine for a virus that no one knows all that well. Trust me, if I wasn’t grabbed by the balls I wouldn’t get vaccinated yet but I would once a proper one has been looked into. Vaccines do save lives but if they’re aren’t prepared probably they can stop stop lives. 

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the next GraveTalk and if you haven’t read the previous ones why not go back and have a little read of them?

Thanks again for reading! See you next time!!!

[Update: No heart-attacks, strokes, or 5G, but the first dose needle was the first time I actually felt a needle going in and there was slight pain for the day until 9pm but that doesn’t it’s safe and I do think it’s a waste of time for “healthy” people to get it but at least Boris has at least one hand off my balls now. I shall be getting in 4 weeks time]

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