Crossing That Line (Censored)


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“Like the bible this book is not meant to be read by child molesters, but just like the bible it probably will!” – Just a taster of what to expect! If that doesn’t put you off, welcome aboard!

Even though this is the censored version some jokes may still be offensive and sensitive to some people.

Do not read this book unless you have a sick, dark sense of humour. However, you enjoy these kind of jokes why not skip this version and head straight for the uncensored version. You will certainly enjoy that one!

Crossing That Line, the book does exactly that! You have that line and this book does cross it! I know you may be thinking I’ve read loads of sick joke books before and they’ve never been that bad. No, I am not false advertising, do not read this book (And this is the censored version – definitely do not read the uncensored if you’re easily offended).

If you do decide to read this book please note that you do so off your own back to feed your curiosity. If you are offended please don’t complain, report, sue or go on a bloody social media campaign to ban my book. I have warned you not to read it, there are warnings in the book and on the cover. Remember these are just jokes at the end of the day!

I have read the B3ta Bumper Book of Sick Jokes and they’re are not that bad, in fact they’re mild in comparison (Fact, the uncensored version contains more words, not pages but more words!). I hold nothing back. Anything and everything is joked about. Think Jimmy Carr/Frankie Boyle – but worse! To put it this way. Incest could be the last taboo, but this book is worse!


Author: Graveyard
Word count: 10697
Page count: 48
Publisher: DS Publications
Type: eBook
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