GraveTalk 2: Football Predictions 2018/19


A change of plan! GraveTalk 2 was going to be about the craziness of the current PC craze. However… I’ve decided to put that on hold and use this as a football prediction post.

Sooo… no matter how crazy some of these predictions might be, I WILL be making my predictions for the 2018/19 (English) Football Season! Also, I’m going to try and setup a fantasy/prediction competition – more on that one later!

Right, let’s start off with the Premiership…sorry Premier League!

Right first off here is (my) final Premier League table – (It doesn’t look too bad, until you see who I think will win it! And before you say it…pigs DO fly OK! Just ask any Easyjet flight attendant handing out those bacon butties!

[table id=1 /]

I do think with a new manager, Arsenal may get back into the Top 4 – okay they may not be a regular, but this season they could! Liverpool may not win the league (We all know this), but they should make it into the Top 4. It will be very surprising to see Salah scoring 30+ goals again – maybe 18-22 (Perhaps?).

Champions – leeds

Promoted – aston villa, Middlesbrough (Wigan maybe my team, but I’d rather them not go up this year, but rather focusing on re-building themselves like they did in 2005/06).

Relegated – rotherham, milwall, bolton

League 1
Champions – Charlton

Promoted – Oxford, bradford

Relegated – Walsall, Gillingham, plymouth, burton

League 2
Champions – Oldham

Promoted – Tranmere, Cambridge, Notts County

Relegated – Grimsby, Mansfield

National League
Champions – Salford

Promoted – Leyton Orient

Relegated – Solihull, Eastleigh, Maidstone, Sutton

Charity Shield Winners – Manchester City
Super Cup Winners – Atletico Madrid

League Cup Winners – Tottenham
League Cup Finalists – Man U

FA Cup Winners – Liverpool
FA Cup Finalists – Chelsea

Champions League Winners – Atletico Madrid
Champions League Finalists – Dortmund

Europa League Winners – Frankfurt

Europa League Finalists – Marsaille

Bonus Prediction! SOUTHPORT TO WIN PROMOTION BACK TO THE CONFERENCE (sorry National League!)

Well there you have it. My predictions for the 2018/19 football season. SPOILER ALERT! Non of these predictions will happen!

Why not leave a comment (Or 2) and tell what you think or why not tell me your predictions.


GraveTalk will return soon!







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