New Features

Some interesting news. 

I will be soon introducing some new features, as I Iook to concentrate on building up my website. One of these is going to be “Graveyard Says”, which will be a sort of GraveTalk, but with a different touch. This will be a sort of newspaper-like column where I shall be writing about a particular topic or a few different subjects. Going forward I want to turn GraveTalk into a podcast/YouTube show and Graveyard Says will be solely topical posts.

The next one will be “Just Ask… Graveyard”. As you can probably work out, this is going to be a Q&A feature. With this one, you will be able to ask me questions – on anything you want! This maybe once a week or once a month (I haven’t decided yet), but this could be a fun thing!

Finally, the next thing I will be introducing is a “Graveyard’s Adventures in…” – This will be a travel blog, in conjunction with Traveller’s Cure and I will be looking to start this for when I go to Amsterdam in January. I already do a travel blog on Traveller’s Cure, but this one will be more of an uncensored version rather than a travel guide.


I hope you enjoy these new features and I hope you will be contributing to the Q&A’s – I can’t wait to see what crazy questions people will be asking!






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