GraveTalk 9: Best Funeral Songs


I’d thought I’d choose a completely random subject for the first this GraveTalk post. I was going to do an article on the reasons for and against guards on Merseyrail trains and EU membership but I’ll come back to them at a later date (Already made, check them out by clicking on the one you want to read. Links are above). So I guess we kick things off with more cheerful topic – Funeral Songs!

Now the most common song played at funerals is Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. Or, when you’re thinking about laughs it’s AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”.  But “Highway to Hell” is just too predictable and “My Way” is boring, over used and may cause slight issues if say, the funeral was for someone like Hitler, Rolph Harris or Donald Trump.

So what other songs could you play? Well, here is a list of best funeral songs (To make funerals more fun!). This list is not best to worst rather a more random order (Turns out they’re mostly in alphabetical order). Also, these songs are selected due to the titles having funeral/death themes.


  1. “All Fired Up”, The Saturdays (Probably not the best on the list, but you know f”ired up=cremations”
  2. “Heaven”, Bryan Adams (Yes Bryan Adams, not that shitty disco knock-off version)
  3. “Almost Over”, Limp Bizkit (You know play this as the coffin is lowing into the ground or entering the oven)
  4. “Bad Day”, Daniel Powter
  5. “Bat out of Hell”, Meat Loaf (If the funeral is in the afternoon or night)
  6. “Beautiful Day”, U2
  7. “Bodies”,  Drowning Pool (Maybe this should burials)
  8. “Breathless”, The Corrs
  9. “Bring Me Back to Life”, Evanescence
  10. “Burn”, The Pretty Reckless
  11. “Burn it to the Ground”, Nickelback
  12. “Burning Heart”, Survivor
  13. “Celebrate”, Kid Rock
  14. “Change Your Mind”, Maria Kanellis
  15. “Dancing in the Dark”, Bruce Springteen
  16. “Die Another Day”, Madonna
  17. “Diggin’ This”, Nickelback
  18. “Disposable Heroes”, Metallica
  19. “Do It Alone”, Sugarcult
  20. “Don’t Give Up”, Kevin Rudolf
  21. “Don’t Look Back ln Anger”, Oasis
  22. “Don’t You Wish You Were Me”, Chris Jericho
  23. “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, Tom Petty
  24. “Escape”, Metallica
  25. “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good”, Nickelback

    (This is where I got up to originally)

  26. “Down Under”, Men At Work
  27. “Drinkin’ With Jesus”, Fozzy
  28. “Elevator”, Fozzy
  29. “The End”, Hyper
  30. “Everything Back But You”, Avril Lavigne
  31. “Far Away”, Nickelback
  32. “Getting Away With Murder”, Papa Roach
  33. “Going To Hell”, Pretty Reckless
  34. “Burn in Hell”, Twisted Sister
  35. “Gone”, Kelly Clarkson
  36. “A Good Day”, Lena (Meyer-Landrut)
  37. “Good Riddance”, Wednesday 13
  38. “Great Balls Of Fire”, Jerry-lee Lewis
  39. “Have A Nice Day”, Bon Jovi
  40. “Hearts On Fire”, Bryan Adams
  41. “Heaven In This Hell”, Orianthi
  42. “Hot”, Avril Lavigne
  43. “Hot Stuff”, Donna Summer
  44. “Just Another Victim”, Cypress Hill
  45. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”, Guns ‘N’ Roses
  46. “Light A Fire”, Nuts In A Blender
  47. “Next Contestant”, Nickelback
  48. “One Step Closer”, Bon Jovi

That’s my list, if you can think of any others, why not leave a comment below?


I will be doing another GraveTalk soon. Here’s a list of the next GraveTalk post schedule:

Music and Society
The EU and why Farage is Clueless
And another one, but I can’t think of anything to put here right now.


The list isn’t in any order, rather a list to let you know what I’ll be waffling on about the next few times.


Thanks for reading.






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