GraveTalk: New Year’s Eve Special

Bye Bye 2019. Back To The Twenties!!!

So 2019 ends and we now we get back the Roaring 20’s! (Except unlike the 1920’s, the 2020’s my not be so roaring – But enough of politics, let’s have some fun!!!)

Thank you all for reading all the GraveTalk’s of 2019 and this last one is going to be just about random fun stuff – With one little bit of politics thrown in, particularly, a little cheeky jab at the referendum and the whining leavers with their ‘democracy’ garbage. Okay, let’s start of with that and get it out of the way.

Watch the clip below of a deleted scene from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Listen carefully as it does make some sense in this whole ‘Brexit’ debacle. ‘Popular Rule is not democracy’ – Basically the ‘Leave’ was the most popular option, but that doesn’t necessary mean it’s the best. Anyway, everyone will realise that soon enough.

Let’s move on…

Not only has it been a weird year, but it has been a weird decade – we’ve had many successes but just as many losses. Remember the crazy period between 2014 and 2017 with celebrity deaths, including the shock loss of the great Sir Christopher Lee!

This past decade also marked the (possible) end of the Star Wars Trilogy Series – There may be new trilogies, but then again there may not be. If there’s no more, then 2019 saw the last of a Star Wars film in a trilogy – A run that that stretched over the last 50 years, beginning in 1977! [The 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s & 10’s – 5 decades!]

We’ve had the new feminist fad along with others such as gays, race you know anything to make people equal (Unless you are a white male!). Then we’ve had the greatest shocks in football Chelsea winning the European cup (Still can’t believe this happened) and of course Leicester winning the English Premier League. Then you had the best (English) FA Cup final of all-time in 2013 – The mighty Wigan beating Manchester City – What a bloody match that was – a match that can bring tears to your eyes!!!

Since 2010, personally, I have had the chance to travel, play in professional darts tournaments and watch some big name bands (Especially in 2019) as well as watching some amazing, upcoming bands of the future! And I yes some of my plans haven’t happened or took off, but in the next decade I will look to continue some projects (The Gigzter) and build-up others (Travellers Cure) – and speaking about Travellers Cure, I have started the Berlin guide (A few months ago), but I keep putting it back – either through being too busy and also by not being arsed, but I will look to finish it early next year..ish! (I also can’t be arsed doing my tax return, but I will need to be arsed sometime within the next 31 days!). Also, I will be looking to build-up my YouTube channel bringing challenges, Vlogs, Random Shite, etc…

I don’t know what else to write about except I think this could be about time we give Yoda a name for his species. I like Tinsol from the planet Tinsolis or Plog from Ploggis! Give me your suggestions by leaving a comment. Come on, he’s been around for 40 years and yet his species doesn’t have a name!

I think that’s it? I know this GraveTalk is short but it was a random one. I had a lot more things to mention, but I’ve forgotten them and I want to get pissed!

Do let me know what your favourite decade moments in the comments below!

Remember to stay safe (Get pissed too, but stay safe) and have a Happy New Year!!!

Thanks for reading and I will see you all next year, next decade!!!









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