GraveTalk 41: Arguments

Here’s a light winded GraveTalk. This one is about arguments and, in particular, making a statement and getting your points across.

When making an argument or statement before coming up with your judgement you need to look at both sides of that statement, i.e. the good and the bad, positives and negatives, the pros and cons, etc…

Sometimes it can be difficult to find positives, mostly with evil dictators, however, you still need to look at both sides because that gives you an honest and justified conclusion. The hardest thing to do is finding positives of, say Hitler, but unfortunately that is something you have to do.

Here’s a more recent example of expressing an argument and that is the climate change protestors. When they decide to hold up traffic to glue themselves to the road if they just thought about the pros and cons, they might just think twice about doing it. Yes, it’s for a worthy cause to try and stop polluters but there are cons too! If they are trying to stop pollution, then gluing themselves to the road is just going to produce more emissions due to the stationery vehicles engines still switched on! How many drivers turn off their engines straightaway not to mention how it must hurt when they are removed – superglue hurts when pulling your fingers apart so imagine how hurtful it must be pulling your head off the ground! [We will discuss protestors more in another GraveTalk!]

Anyone can make a decision on something or someone but without knowing all the facts how can you make an honest or worthy claim? Making decisions without weighing up all the facts just leads to a biased, political view.

This was the problem with brexit. People were too busy listening to the likes of Farage, Johnson and Martin rather than listening to both parties and making their minds up. I did a GraveTalk on about this and I did try and include reasons for leaving, however, most of the reasons (and they have turned out to be true) were for remaining. Take Farage. He kept on talking about “taking back borders” but immigrants are still crossing the Channel and not being sent back. We were told things would be cheaper but that’s the opposite, you can blame the pandemic all you like but that was just a distraction from the fallout of leaving the EU.

Take food for instance. While in the EU tomatoes in the shops were quite good quality but now, they are going bad the moment they are put on the shelves. Lettuce used to last a while but now it seems to go bad the next day. And what about the £350,000,000 a day banner? That was exposed quite quickly and just put down to a printing mistake once caught out (So why did they keep saying that figure during interviews?). Brexit was just a biased decision to benefit those crying out for it but those who wanted it to continue to give the same one-eyed response!

Unfortunately, history repeats itself and all decisions made by governments are made through biased, one-sided arguments and that will never change. Decisions are made for personal gains rather than a universal benefit. If governments and people in general just took a minute to look at both sides of a situation, then these decisions and actions may work out for the best. Yet, no matter what has happened in the past we don’t seem to be able to learn from our mistakes and continue to repeat them.

So, the next time you are making an argument make sure you look at both sides of that statement before making your final judgement. Always make a fair and honest decision rather than a biased, hurried one.

And that’s it for this GraveTalk! A much shorter one than the last. There will be a few more GraveTalk’s to this year and then the GraveTalk Volume 2 collection will be out.

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