GraveTalk 40: The Environment Part 2


This GraveTalk won’t be as long as the last and I may have already done this one before, however, since a certain thing happened there have been some environmental changes that are happening more often. So, let’s begin with the second Environment GraveTalk!

I may have touched on this in the last one but let’s talk about deforestation and green belt land. The Amazon rainforest is the main source of oxygen for the planet, yet Brazil is cutting down the trees to gain more land. Now, I am not condoning Brazil or hating them but the hypocrisy of countries such as the UK and USA criticising Brazil is quite something considering that they deem it acceptable to built on vacant land without any concern for the environment.

At the end of the day, the Amazon is Brazil’s land and if they want to clear it to build and expand then there’s nothing anyone can do! All countries have done it in the past, so no country has the right to criticise Brazil. In the UK land designated as “greenbelt” is supposed to be protected against being constructed on and yet more and more new homes are being built on green belt land. What about preservation or possibly regeneration projects to create more forests? Yes, the UK needs homes because of the increasing population but why not use current, empty buildings?

Which brings me onto my next point. There are so many empty buildings in the UK that could be regenerated, however, the authorities think it’s okay to just knock them down and then rebuild on the land. Now, isn’t knocking down the buildings just adding to the pollution because the bulldozers, etc… There are plenty of buildings that could be re-used but instead just knocked down.

Moving onto the brexit thing. So, before brexit the UK had cleanish rivers but since brexit companies are now dumping sewage into rivers and oceans. You can’t blame brexit for this one. There is absolutely no excuse for dumping sewage into rivers. That is just plain backwards. UK rivers were starting to get clean enough for designated swimming spots, but would you swim in the rivers now? This needs to be sorted out urgently before we actually DO return to the early 20th Century.

Now, this is the part where we move onto electric cars. Electric cars sound like they are the saviour of the future but think about how they are made and then how to keep them going. First off (and this isn’t a reliable source, I know) but they touched on this on Top Gear about how electric cars are made and you have to say they are right. The parts are made by different companies around the world (with transport probably causing just as much as pollution as driving around in a petrol car for a year) and then assembled in the main factories and then once again shipped across the world before being sold on.

What about running the car? Surely that’s environmentally friendly right? Well, how many miles does an electric car run on a full charge? About half of what a petrol car does, agree? So, 200ish miles? So, every 200 miles you need to charge up and where does the electricity come from to charge it? That’s right fossil fuels! So, petrol fuels such as gas, oil and coal are used to generate the electricity to charge the cars and if you charge them up over night and when you consider the amount of electric cars people drive and the amount of cars that require charging that’s an awful lot of pollution isn’t it! In all, it’s probably more eco-friendly to drive a petrol-powered car than an electric one!

There seems to be a great focus on littering but in the grand scheme of things, littering isn’t that big [Sorry eco-terrorists] but it does link into recycling as there are some recycling waste that gets mixed in with general/non-recyclable waste and that’s wrong for a start. Litter, which is collected just gets put together and not separated. Getting back to recycling; what is the point in recycling if it just gets mixed together with general waste anyway? We should be recycling and there should be fines for not recycling (Keep an eye out for my special State of UK special GraveTalk!). Talking about recyclable waste, taking Liverpool Council as an example, what about plastic or in-particular plastic water bottles? Okay, we can recycle them by filling them with tap water but with the state of water (i.e. sewage being dumped in rivers) would you trust tap water? I wouldn’t drink tap water even when our rivers where clean never mind now! However, some councils are refusing to take plastic as recyclable waste when plastic is probably the best waste as it can be recycled into many different uses. What is classed as recyclable waste should be universal across the whole planet not just decided by individual councils.

Going onto energy and the UK (supposedly) has one of the largest wind farms in the world and yet we seem too not utilise the wind power as much as we should – especially considering the rise in strong storms in the UK! Then we have fracking! Digging up the ground to find fuel reserves in it-self is causing environmental problems and causing pollution? So, there are fuel reserves underground, GREAT! Think about it! Why not save these reserves for the future and start using renewable energy NOW? Fossil fuels took millions if not billions of years to form and using the reserves now could cause a disaster for future generations (disregarding the damage already done). Use solar panels, wind farms, hydroelectricity and any other renewable source of energy to sort out modern day problems instead of using fossil fuels! We need to let fossil fuels regenerate!

Talking about storms and climate change. Hurricane season in North America or cyclone season in Asia and Oceania (Australians choose your own preference!) [See what I did there!] are coming earlier and earlier. In the UK these storms are becoming worse and worse because of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season and that is down to the changing of the Earth’s climate. In the previous Gravetalk, I mentioned about the ice age and how we are still living in it until the polar ice caps have melted and that may be true, but the storms can be stopped.

Yes, Earth never originally had polar icecaps and climate change is a natural event and sea-rises are inevitable, but climate change and storms are being accelerated by human-causes. Having been to Sydney in October (for a month) and day-light savings time isn’t much of a thing in Australia but in the UK, you can definitely tell the difference. I have a photo taken in August 2017 walking outside at 11.30pm and the sky is still a dark blue! Now, August this year, the sky at the same time was black!

That’s not just the only change, the sunrise and sunset hours are changing each year. In the last few years, the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier. In-fact, in December last year the nights were getting lighter than the previous. If anyone does read this take note because this is actually happening, and only human climate change is accelerating things. Thing about it, as afternoons got lighter towards the end of January not the end of December!

As previously mentioned, there is a bit of hypocrisy and that tends to the whole world! Okay, the pandemic was purely an excuse for the effects of brexit to take place (believe the shit as you want but come one! Cases are rising and it’s not a big issue now as it was a year ago was it! Get a grip people!). Fascists will take what comes to them to stay in power and take control over people and that is exactly what this “COVID” pandemic was. It was nothing more than a joke and I said back then, and I can, smugly, confirm now that it was!

However, on the topic of the pandemic the decrease in plane travel did reduce CO2 emissions. Clearly plane travel causes most pollution but if we all took a French approach and banned domestic plane travel then CO2 pollution (world pollution) would be reduced massively!

Take Boris Johnson for instance. He commuted from London to Cornwall by plane even thought he was talking about ways to reduce global pollution! What a hypocrite! And talking about hypocrites, what about Prince Harry and Meghan (And every other celebrity and politician, etc…) taking planes instead of trains or eco-friendly transport! Cars, ships, planes and even trains cause global pollution but if we actually take a minute, we know what transport the best choice for each journey is and that it is a start! A start to make a change and reduce our own individual pollution rather than just advertise and make money from promoting organisations fighting for the cause!

Part of the problem is that because young people have a problem with killing these animals, we aren’t going to get anyone to work at abattoirs. Now, people say that this will save the environment, but it just won’t. If we stop eating meat (cows in-particular) then that’s worse for the environment. Cows, for instance, produce more methane than cars and if there’s millions of them in a field then that’s bad or do, we just let them go extinct? Eating meat is not the problem and people shouldn’t be embarrassed or worried about eating meat. If anything, eating plants is worse as the plants help the environment – eating the seeds/products of plants is fine but eating the plants themselves is costing the plant oxygen.

One last point and that’s fracking. Now, the UK government says they want to protect and save the environment, but they want to allow fracking to ease the energy crisis? Fracking is about drilling underground to extract fossil fuel reserves but that can cause more pollution leaking into the atmosphere. Not only that but it involves digging up the surrounding area and can cause environmental and geological effects. By allowing fracking the government is just showing their intent of destroying the country from the inside.

And, once gain that’s it for this GraveTalk! It was a wee bit smaller than the last one, but I think I dug more deeper and got to the point in this one than the others! I mean if you read this one and still think differently then you are just Satan!

Thanks for reading, leave a comment and join me for the next exciting GraveTalk!

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