GraveTalk 28: TransOlympics

So much for equality and LGBQTABC rights!

WOW!!! Gone for so long, starving you from your eagerly anticipated GraveTalk’s, but then when you’ve just about given up TWO come along at once! 

I have to admit this will be my favourite GraveTalk! Talk about equality! This is what happens when campaign for so long about gender-equality, trans-rights, etc…

Basically, a New Zealand man who undergone an operation to become a woman (so he actually became a woman not like the modern way which means all you have to do is say you’re a woman) and is competing in the woman’s weightlifting event at the Olympics. Hypocrisy? 

So it’s okay for him/her to use the woman’s toilets but can’t compete in a woman’s event? Okay what about that Jenner guy. He says it’s wrong but if he did the same thing when he was doing his athletics he would have a different opinion. 

For too long we’ve let these “activists” get away with this crap for so long that when situations like this happen you just have to point at them and say “well this is what you wanted”.

Look if it was a trans-man we wouldn’t be having a debate about it. It would be acceptable. 

I haven’t got a problem with gay/trans rights. I don’t care if people are trans, gay, straight, black or white. If they identify as something that’s what they are, isn’t? That’s what we’ve been hearing for the last three frigging years! 

If Hubbard is not allowed in the women’s event then what event is she allowed in? She’s not a man so that rules the men’s event out so I think we know where this is going to go. A new third event for trans/gender-neutral people. It’s coming and not just at the Olympics – but in all sports. 

In a previous GraveTalk’s I had rants on LGBT, gender/sex, feminism and now that we’re in this situation I just can’t help but find it so funny that these so-called “pro-trans” people are saying that a trans-woman shouldn’t be allowed to compete in a women’s event? And the best thing these people can’t see how hypocritical they’re being. 

It will be great if she wins because the amount of criticism will be hilarious. You can’t go round saying trans men/women are real men/women and they say trans-men/women can’t compete amongst their “new” genders/sex. You just can’t, but that’s what people are doing. You can’t have it both ways. Either it’s okay or it’s not. 

I personally couldn’t care less, I just think it’s funny in how people are really against this considering they are for equality. It just goes to show that these “activists” and the “protests” over the last 3-4 years where complete bullshit and just an excuse for them to cause trouble. 

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Thanks for reading and I know I may come in for some flack for this one but sometimes the truth hurts! You can’t have it both ways and I say let HER compete in the WOMEN’S event! 

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