GraveTalk 25: Racism: The Hat-trick!

Where’s my match ball!

Because of this trend not going away and the fact that new people are coming forward, I have to do yet another bloody GraveTalk about this racism trend – Yes it is a trend, like that feminist movement a few years ago. This will soon blow away, however, right now it is becoming bloody annoying! But before I begin, here’s a little plug…

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So  here’s my hat-trick. Since my last GraveTalk on Racism there have been more people coming out talking a load of crap as well as other incidents that need addressing. Since I have talked aplenty on this topic, I don’t think this one will be as long as the previous two (Although, who knows – It could be the longest!)

Let’s begin with something that’s happened fairly recently – The White Lives Matter banner! Here’s the highlights. Someone paid for a white lives matter banner to fly across Man City’s match against Burnley, whilst all of the players had black lives matter across the back of their shirts.

Now let’s look into this further shall we. The man responsible has been banned by Burnley for life and has lost his job – because Burnley and his company Paradigm Precision don’t tolerate racism. However, the police have said no criminal wrongdoing took place? Why? Because no racism took place. If people can say black lives matter what’s wrong with white lives matter? There’s nothing wrong with it. Burnley and Paradigm Precision say they are against racism, but taking action like they have done, is an act of racism and instead of being against racism they are antagonising it. Both slogans are the same. He should take his ex-employers to a tribunal to either get his job back or be awarded some damages – the same for Burnley. He has done nothing wrong – he’s just mimicking the black lives matter stuff.

You have people saying everyone’s misinterpreting the BLM movement because they’re not saying white don’t matter. I know they’re not, but what Burnley and Paradigm Precision have done is a form of racism against that man. They wouldn’t have battered an eyelid if it was the other way round. The BLM matter movement want a better way of life for blacks (Their living standards aren’t as different as others [More on this later]) , being viewed as equals in society (They are) and being treated fairly by the police. However, the banner and the actions that have followed appear to be inciting racism rather than stop it.

Mike Wedderburn (a Sky Sports News presenter) wrote an article and a video about people misinterpreting the BLM movement. In his article he references incidents where black people have been killed by police. One of which was an incident that involved a woman, Cherry Groce, being shot by police in her own home – resulting in her being paralysed. Now, he mentions how they were looking for her son (Who as it turned out wasn’t there), but why would police shoot her if she wasn’t causing trouble? She may have been holding a weapon? And about her son, had a gun in her house and put it in a police officers mouth when the officer was inquiring if he was him – whilst being on licence after being released from prison. Her son was a suspect armed robber and the police were looking for him. If his mum an cooperated with the police she wouldn’t have been shot at. She’s trying to protect her kids (Like anyone would) but if you act calmly rather than kicking-off then you will be treated fairly.

He also mentions an incident that occurred a few weeks after that one, when a woman, Cynthia Jarrett, died from heart failure when police raided her house after arresting he son. Her daughter claims the officer pushed her – something the police shouldn’t do. However, the scenario would have been heated and there would have been a situation like the previous incident and that can cause stress to someone and can cause heart attacks. I will give him this one, maybe not as an act of racism but an act of police brutality.

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He also mentions Yvonne Ruddock, who died during her birthday celebrations in a house fire. He says people think it was arson attack, yet the inquests say the fire was accidental and started from inside the property. I think he is out of order mentioning this one as it is a sensitive issue involving a family celebrating their daughters birthday and 13 people are killed by a fire.

Another, incident he mentions is Smiley Culture. He says he died during a police raid. He mentions how the inquest results were not made public, however, Culture was dealing drugs and stabbed himself – to get out of his trial. Mike doesn’t mention the drugs.

In his first article he mentioned former footballer Dalian Atkinson – this has now been removed. Atkinson’s brother was suffering and became aggressive and acting out. Atkinson called police and when they came he was tasered and died on his way to the hospital. I can only think he was acting up himself when the police came and he was tasered to calm the situation down. The officer was charged with murder. This was a sad, incident and an innocent man died because he cared for his family. Tasers may seem non-hazardous but tasers shoot electricity through the body and that’s dangerous. The police don’t know if the person they tasered has any health conditions.

Mike Wedderburn is one of the best presenters on Sky Sports News – one of the few I can tolerate, but I do disagree with him on this one. You can read his article here.

I want to move onto something else now and that is Beyoncé’s black business directory. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I feel it is the beginning of segregation. Does it matter where you shop? Or is it to encourage more people to shop at black-owned businesses instead of white-owned businesses? Didn’t the Nazi’s do this with Jewish-owned businesses? The Nazi’s didn’t want people to shop at Jewish businesses. While she isn’t saying don’t shop at white-owned stores or shop only at black-owned stores, but this is starting to head back down to the old South African apartheid. We should be all mixing together.

Also, what a load of bollocks from Alexandra Burke. She is burk for saying people wanted her to bleach her skin. What tripe! When did she win the X Factor – 2010? Did people say that to JLS? Or was her statement a gender-relating issue? There have been plenty of successful black female musicians before her, so why did she feel the need to mention bleaching her skin. It’s a statement that is trying to stir things as well as give her a place in the spotlight as let’s be honest she hasn’t been relevant recently.

Sticking with showbiz, these morons are now moaning about a ‘black’ reporter being the second person evicted from the third series of Big Brother. The headlines were ‘fans in shock over Alison Hammond’s Big Brother Revelations’. At first I thought there was going to be some scandal, but it’s just about her being kicked off a shite show. What’s the point of wasting paper printing this garbage? What is the point of this story? Surely it can’t be part of this racism trend can it?

Moving on. The ‘Dixie Chicks’ are now called ‘The Chicks’ because ‘Dixie’ has links to slavery. So what! ‘Dixie’ relates to being from the south of the US and they are women, so what’s wrong the name ‘Dixie Chicks’ – Isn’t ‘Chicks’ sexist too?

Then you have Disneyland changing Splash Mountain because of the references to the film ‘Song of the South’. Well if they’re going that far, why not change the name of the company. Wasn’t Walt Disney racist?

And what about The Simpsons. White people can no longer voice non-white characters. What’s the problem? It’s a comedy show or Christ’s sake! Also, 30 Rock have apologised for their blackface episodes. What for? Again, it’s a comedy show. So, you can’t make racist jokes anymore? Well that’s me fucked then!

Now, if this #BLM isn’t enough we now have #BTLM (Black Trans Lives Matter). Sorry, but has the whole world gone mad? Have people lost their bloody minds? This is just absolute nonsense. Jesus Christ can you just a get a fucking grip! #EnoughIsEnough now; it is time for this trend to end before the world descends into further chaos than it already has.

You may slag me off for not going along with this trend, but that’s all this is. Where was this so-called ‘movement’ last year or the year before? Some career criminal gets murdered and the whole world has gone bat shit crazy!

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Well that’s it for this GraveTalk. I wasn’t expecting to do a trilogy about this issue but I have. Don’t make me do a fourth one. I really don’t want to touch on this again. We get it, there are racists in the world but that’s just part of live. The majority of people are decent human-beings. Let’s get some normality back and move onto the next trend please. I’m not sure what the next exciting GraveTalk installment will be – maybe a Liverpool special – 19x Champions of England!!! Who knows. See you all next time!

Thanks again for reading! See you next time!!!

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