GraveTalk 14: State of the UK Address


Let’s be honest, the UK has not had a decent government since the 1800’s. The 1900’s it was a bit hit and miss – mostly misses! The UK once ruled 3/4 of the globe, now the UK is the laughing stock of the world.

Now the 2019 General Election won’t change anything (Unless a majority can get in, this ‘brexit’ crap won’t happen. Remember 2 of the last 3 elections have resulted in a hung parliament!). This leaving the EU won’t happen unless a majority is held (probably Labour, Lib Dems and Greens are more Pro-EU, so we could be looking at staying if they get in – Screw those who say “And what about democracy? What about the 17m?’ Well fuck the 17m brainwashed, gullible idiots! There were 16m whio voted remain. Sorry but in a country with over 60m people 1m difference is not a majority. What about the people who couldn’t be bother to vote or didn’t register?

Well, I know the deadline has passed for this general election, but I am considering holding a nationwide tour next year a ‘What’s Wrong About Britain’ tour! Maybe, Labour or the Lib Dems (The Lib Dems will probably make changes) can make changes but maybe not – we will see! If the Tories or that Twat Farage win, then this tour will turn into a national revolt – We cannot have 5 years of those two! Sorry, but they will destroy what’s left of this great nation!

These people who vote for Johnson and the Conservatives based on domestic policies should ask – Why can’t they do those thing now? They are after all in power (with the DUP – let’s not forget that!). The Tories are also trying to blame the previous Labour government – despite the Conservatives being in power for the last 9 years (If they win this election, they will be in power longer than Blair’s Labour with no difference!). Also, the promises of Johnson about leaving the EU without any hindrances is just bullshit – What inbred idiot would vote for that reason? The Tories would still need to get it through Parliament (Okay, with a majority they may have a chance… I doubt it!)

In October 2018, decided to fuck off London and spend Halloween Weekend in Berlin. I went to this restaurant called 1840 and I overheard a waiter talking to this British couple (English couple, if you’re English). This waiter actually said that Brexit wouldn’t happen because of red tape – guess, what… three times he’s been right! The UK remained in the EU passed the March 29th deadline, the June deadline and the October 31st deadline. Sorry, but fuck #Farage, fuck #johnson and #fuckbrexit! You can’t trust Johnson – especially after in Manchester (In August, he said he would invest in HS2 only for a week (I think)  later to say  he said he said HS2 wasn’t worth investing in – Now he’s saying he’ll invest in HS2! #HeWon’t!

Don’t be fooled into voting for the brexit or tory parties. They aren’t the right ones. Vote for labour – they are the lesser of the three evils (Or if you can vote for a woman, vote Lib Dems – they will be the best! (I’m telling you!).

Maybe I could go on tour next year and address the public properly with what’s wrong – get a public forum going? What do you think? Let me know.

That’s it for now. I will be having an election special GraveTalk (Probably at the weekend – be sure to read that!). After that, I will be getting back to the schedules I put down on my previous GraveTalks.

See you all next time!

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