GraveTalk 13: 2019 General Election & Predictions

Is this country governed by inbred mutants?

You may have heard of this general election taking place in December (Sorry for spoiling it, if you haven’t heard!). Now if there is one way to spoil Christmas it’s watching and listing to a bunch of tits bickering on about why we should vote for them. Now here’s the problem – Who do you vote for? Non of the parties have anyone worthy enough to being PM. Do you really want another 5 years of Boris Johnson and The Conservatives? By the end of the 5 years they will still be blaming Blair’s Labour for the mess he left the country (Despite being in power for longer). Don’t get me started on that tit Nigel Farage – If you vote for him, you are a pathetic, sad, stupid, perverted individual – He should be nowhere near the UK parliament let alone part of it! Bring back David Cameron – he’s a far better leader than Farage.

Then you have Jeremy Corbyn. Now people are doing what the did with Gordon Brown and holding him responsible  for Tony Blair. Blair was a twat, but don’t judge Labour on the past. We’ve all moved on from Blair. Corbyn, I am sure has the country’s best interests at heart and yes he is more trusting and honourable than Farage and Johnson – I would prefer Corbyn over those two. However, I don’t think he would be a good PM. For one thing, he’s 70 (We can’t have an someone that old as PM – no offence). The second point is that he’s not decisive (That may change if he’s PM though). [If you vote for anyone here vote Corbyn – And I don’t vote Labour. I prefer Conservatives (After Sir Robert Peel – not the thick, money-grabbing Torys we’ve got now!)]

Let’s move onto the others. The Lib Dems. Now she is just there to ensure the election meets equality standards. Now I like the Lib Dems, because of the late Charles Kennedy (Possibly the best UK politician since the 1800’s and someone who deserved to be PM). Jo Swinson may talk the talk, but she will be a weak leader – the opposite to Thatcher (May is in between). Yes, staying in the UK is a must, but what other policies does she have? And then there’s that retard Trump – if you think he made a mockery of May, just wait to you see him with Swinson. British PM’s should be treated with respect and equal (if not more) to their US counterpart – not just some lapdog, like Blair, Johnson and Farage. It would be good to see the Lib Dems become the sole government, not part of a coalition. But sadly this won’t happen.

The Greens will just make up the numbers, but it would be good to see a Lib Dem and Green coalition. The SNP are just for Scotland, aren’t they – Wales, Ireland and England won’t for them. Same with the DUP and Plaid Cymru.

Unfortunately, I can only see another Conservative win. Hence the title of this post. How can you vote for Johnson or (Farage). People will fall for his lies over ‘Brexit’. He says he will definitely deliver ‘Brexit’. He won’t. He’s said that twice before and he’s failed. And he will fail again,

Now if the political parties were smart, they would base their campaigns on domestic policy rather than ‘Brexit’. Regardless of the result Parliament still has to agree on any EU leavers deal. Labour haven’t voted for the deals placed by the Conservatives and, if Labour win, the Conservatives won’t vote for any Labour deal. So, if your best bet for votes is to say what you will do domestically. What government will bring the best to the UK in the next 5 years. Of course they won’t and this election will be ‘Brexit’ based.

We’ve had communism, socialism, fascism NOW is the time for ‘Realism’! We need a government that can connect with the people and give this country the best future! How about starting a new party?

I am very much tempted to go in for this general election. The deadline is the 14th November. I wouldn’t be worse than the prats in power now. Check out my manifesto!  (If you think mine’s poor, check out the conservatives last one (Can’t find one this time). They’ve made the text bigger to make it look longer!

I may start a Kickstarter or Patreon page. If you think I’ve put forward some good points, let me know. We can make the changes the UK desperately needs!


Well, that’s it. I know I’ve gone against the schedule I put down in my last two GraveTalk’s – I will get around to do them.

Thanks gain for reading and I hope you will read the next one!






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