GraveTalk 12: Fireworks

Why Sainsburys are right to ban fireworks AND why others should follow and more! 

Here we go! Time for another GraveTalk! I know it’s a bit different from the schedule I put on at the end of the last one, but I think this needs to be said. This GraveTalk is about fireworks – in particular Sainsburys who have decided not to sell fireworks.

It’s been announced that Sainsburys are no longer selling fireworks in their stores. I haven’t got a problem with fireworks, but I do think they have made the right call, furthermore every other retailer should follow suit! Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Night, Bonnie Night, whatever you call the 5th November has been a long-standing British tradition and one of the few nights (of the year) where families come together. We hear all the more now about how families don’t spend enough time together and Bon Fire Night allows families to come together either with home firework displays or public displays.

However, in 2019 and the way the world is there are a few minorities that like to spoil things for the majority. The minorities in this instance are the idiots that like to cause trouble, hanging around in gangs thinking their tough (I was driving one night this week, and saw this gang of nobheads walking in the road – for a split second I did think of driving into them, giving the world a few less dickheads to worry about. I didn’t and I digress). It is people like those who are the reason why I agree with Sainsburys.

Now I know you have to be 18 to buy them and yes (many) years ago 18 was a sign of maturity but today you have people in their twenties and thirties who behave like pathetic little children (I know you had people in the 40’s, 50’s 60’s, etc… who were dickheads well into adulthood, but there wasn’t as much of the problems we have today). Age-restricted products should not be on general sale and fireworks should be the more regulated.

You get nobheads setting off fireworks in the road, at random people and even firing, as well as, strapping them to animals. Now the police can only do so much, but when they don’t act at all what’s the bloody point in having a police force? By the time police arrive at the scene (with sirens on and flashing lights – the stealth experts that they are!) thee clowns have moved on to somewhere else.

There was a time 5th November was a day to enjoy. You read Enid Blyton’s The Secret Seven. In one of the books, she writes about bon fire night and how the kids go about buying fireworks for their own display – kids back then had respect, manners and intelligence – you couldn’t have kids go into a shop and buy fireworks today because the bastards will probably just fire them at the bloody shop.

Fireworks should be restricted to organised, council displays with organisers requiring a paid licence to buy them, with a higher age restriction than 25 and restrict the sales to regulated, authorised sellers. Yes, this idea spoils it for the decent, honourable members of society, but something needs to be done – and fast! 5th November (And the whole Halloween period) has now become the most dangerous time of the year and it won’t be long before a load of innocent people are killed or seriously injured because of these small-minded fools. Firing fireworks at drivers, animals, pedestrians – how stupid do you have to be to do these things.

Anti-social behaviour has gotten that bad. You have the knife and gun problems, scramble bikes, mischief night and fireworks (to name a few). You get people who blame this on the EU (I’m not trying to get into a Brexit debate – wrote enough on that issue already) but, I’m sorry, it’s the responsibility of the British Government and the Government should introduce something to put a stop to all of this once and for all! People say mandatory conscription.

Now, the idea of sending these arseholes into the army, possibly to a war-torn country (possibly even killed… not a nice thing to say, but they don’t exactly do nice things themselves, do they!) does seem like a good idea. But that won’t really solve the issue. What happens when they come out? Will the army better them or make them worse? I don’t know what the answer is but I do know being strict and tough on them from the start will help. They need to learn respect and maybe a good caning could help? A curfew for under 18’s? Tougher, stricter police powers? Whatever the answer is something needs to be done now. How many more innocent people and animals need to suffer by these classless, pathetic nobs.

And that’s it. I will bring another edition of GraveTalk soon. Remember to stay safe on 5th November, don’t play with fireworks. Be Responsible.


See you all next time! Thanks for reading!






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