GraveTalk 11: The Power Of Music

What makes music so good? And how can it help people? Find out here!


This is actually my own picture – not one of those off the internet. Papa Roach, Manchester Academy 2019. Makes me look like a real professional photographer, even though it’s just a one-off shot

All you seem to hear in the news is misery, wars, poverty, mental health, shootings, stabbings, and Borump (Boris and Trump) – It’s seems to be full of the bad things. Well let’s take a look at how music can help (with some of those things). [Sorry for the intro, I didn’t know how to begin this].

Music, no matter what type you listen to, (although rock music is better at getting that special response)  has the ability to change your mood – for the better, through that one song! If you’re feeling depressed, listening to that one song can help you feel happy. Music has that ability to make you happy from being sad to remembering the good times when mourning/reminiscing.

There are great examples of this. Just listen to any 60’s, 70’s & 80’s bands/singers and try and not get that feeling – even if it’s from a song that never became a hit. Back in the 80’s (and before) there wasn’t’ so many news stories about depression/suicides in  young people. Compare the music back then to the music now.

Music, between 1960-1989 was original and powerful. Okay, some songs were shite, but the majority of the songs were natural, powerful and produced a meaning, when you listened to them. Now, if you compare songs since 1990, the popular songs are more or less computer generated – either by voice enhanced or instrumentally enhanced and don’t have that special feeling when you listen to them. I am a 90’s baby and I have to admit the 90’s was just filled with cheesy pop songs. Did S Club 7 have the same powerful meaning as, say, The Bangles?

You could say the music from he 90’s through to today has had an impact on the mentality of the youth and I think that’s a good summary. Music today is more about looks and money rather than relating to the average person. Bryan Adams and Cher both sold out with their ‘experimental’ ‘hit’ 90’s songs. If you think I’m wrong, well why not listen to that one song that gives you that special feeling – And if you say that you don’t have one then you are a lying twat! Listen to The Bangles ‘In Your Room’, ‘Manic Monday’; Bon Jovi’s ‘Have A Nice day’, ‘It’s My Life’ or how about Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven Is A Place on Earth’ and Nickelback’s  ‘How You Remind Me’ or ‘Far Away”. There are plenty more of examples. Do you think ‘Barbie Girl’ has that same impact of the songs listed above? No. it doesn’t, in case you needed help.

80’s songs (hit songs or not) had that power to make you feel happy – the so called ‘one hit wonders’ had more meaning than the ‘hit’ songs of today. Listening to the songs of today, they just don’t have the same effect of the songs from the 80’s!

And what’s more, if you take the 00’s feminism wave and look back to the 80’s and how many acts were women led! They didn’t piss and moan about ‘equal opportunities’ because the girls produced just as good of music (If not better) then the men. Nowadays’s, all of the girl band songs have to have a ‘PC’ trend to them – Just take Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’ song (Can you imagine if God WAS a woman!). She is just brainwashing, manipulating the minds of her young fans with this feminism, PC garbage – she is completely false and hypercritical. She’s sends the wrong messages to her fans (And her music is shite [In my opinion], at least she’s fit!)

Getting back on topic. A decent song can make all the difference to a persons mental health. Music can help this ‘Depression crisis’ amongst young people today. Music has the power and we should be embracing it more! Music isn’t the sole fix for depression but music can make a difference – There’s no better feeling than going to a gig and being engulfed by the atmosphere!

If you have a friend or family member suffering from depression take them out to see a good gig and see them change – for the better! If you need any support/help with yourself or anyone you know with depression there are organisations to turn to. You’ve got the NHS, MIND and more! Links are below. Or just take them for a night out (And get pissed!)

And that’s it for this GraveTalk! As always I have made a point and gave my opinion on the subject. And as always I may have waffled on in some places, but the gist of it is there. I will be making a list for the next GraveTalk and I will be bringing a Gigzter Report on Sumo Cyco, Milton Keynes in November, and Bronnie, live in Amsterdam, in January. (And the Ozzy Osbourne in February!). I have also started my Berlin travel guide for Travellers Cure, so expect that in the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed this GraveTalk! Don’t forget you can now ask me questions – Just click here and don’t hold back, literally any questions!

See you next time!!!





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