GraveTalk 23: Black Lives Matter


Yes I am doing this AGAIN! Because people are still going on about this crap and looking into the past for things to piss and moan about, I have a bit more to say on this matter. This won’t be a long one [Well it might] as I made a lot of points in my first racism GraveTalk. But before I begin, here’s a little plug…

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Where do I begin? How about with saying how all of this is looking like the South Park flag episode. People are complaining about road signs and statues because of they have a racist past (Funnily enough this seems to be bigger in the UK than the US – the place where this crap started!). Now the South Park flag had a black man being hanged, surrounded by whites, rather than being against a name or a statue, but both are comparable.

If there was statue of a black man hanging then fair enough, but there isn’t. The statue in Bristol being thrown into the harbour may have been someone who became rich from the slave trade, however, he did put that fortune back into the community – Some good did come out of it, just like many business men back then, many used their money to help build communities, villages and schools. Do businessmen do that today? No!

Defacing statues such a Queen Victoria is just petty vandalism and the person who did should be hung! Winston Churchill… yeah do what you want with that fat waste of space. Renaming road names, university halls, etc… is just a load of nonsense. People are just picking at straws now – looking for slightest thing to kick up a fuss over. What about The Midlands? Are we going to have to rename it from the Black Country? You could interpret that as a black only area, as it does have a large black community, rather than the true meaning which is to do with coal.

Like I mentioned in my first racism GraveTalk, this is an American problem not a British problem, but this #BLM seems to be more active in Britain than in America. Why? Now there are bloody marches!

Black Britons are talking how they have suffered. There was a girl on Sky News today saying how when she has children she hopes they don’t have to suffer what she has gone through – WHAT? What suffering? What about the suffering people in Africa and parts of Asia have to go through? In Africa, in some parts clean water isn’t available. In some parts people are starving. That is suffering. What has she got to complain about? That is just absolute bullshit and evidence of people just jumping on the bloody bandwagon.

Look George Floyd was murdered and it was an unnecessary death as well as an example of police brutality. However, he was a criminal. Had he turned his life around? Who knows? Just because he hadn’t committed a crime in years doesn’t mean he’s good, many criminals go years without a crime and then go back to prison. People are making him a saint when he clearly wasn’t! Black or white, he should not be given this glorification. He’s now buried now, so everyone now needs to move on!

There is no excuse for carrying on anymore, it’s now time to put all of this to bed. These so-called ‘protesters’ are just causing more harm than good. Getting ‘Gone With The Wind’ and ‘Fawlty Towers’ removed – what’s next ‘Father Ted’? They’ve gone too far and if they carry on doing this nonsense then there will be a ‘racial war’ – fighting and violence between the black lives matter group and pro white groups. Is that what people want? Just grow up and stop this madness! look at those dickheads called ‘The English Defense League’ – That group is just a plain excuse for a bunch of thugs to cause trouble and these ‘protesters’ are just giving them ammunition.

I want to know where was all of this protesting when the US Police Officer Breann Leath was shot and killed doing her job? Is it because a black man killed her? She was simply doing her job, trying to keep people safe and was killed on duty – she didn’t deserve to die, but where was the protests? Where was outrage? She was a mother who leaves a young child. There was no protesting, no calling for statues or a ‘blackout’ (No pun intended) on references to the past i.e. the slave trade three weeks ago before he died, but it suddenly becomes such a massive-worldwide issue? Sod off!

During the week I stumbled upon an article from VICE by a Ben Smoke. I have read it and although he mentions injuries of police officers the article is just biased media propaganda towards the protesters. I try and stay balanced in my articles, highlighting both sides of an argument (Even in this article I do try and remain balanced) yet he clearly is trying to enhance the ‘protesters’ and their cause. I have tweeted him my views on his article. He first responded with:

I responded with “One way not to scare horses would not be throwing objects at people trying to keep them save. There is absolutely no excuse for these so-called protesters! Yes a man was murdered by police. People have died from police brutality before and will again. #EnoughIsEnough” – He never got back to me. Obviously, I touched a nerve. He doesn’t like it when people say the ‘protesters’ are in the wrong. I sent a few more replies but he hasn’t got back to me. His article is just plain propaganda – an example of what is wrong with the world! I touched on ‘western’ propaganda in my North Korea article and this just proves my point. In his article he calls out the police for arresting people and taking names and addresses? He says their approach is heavy-handed? So what, are the police supposed to just let people do what they want? Just let the ‘protesters’ cause trouble and vandalise? The police are there to make sure people remain safe and some order is maintained, however, the police can only provide a limited force. They are overwhelmed by the numbers of ‘protesters’, which is why the army should be deployed in situations such as these. 

I very briefly touched on this last time (Well I say touched, it was more like brushed past) and that is slavery! I have been stating this on Facebook and Twitter over the last few weeks. People want to talk about slavery and the slave trade, how come they don’t mention the Jews? Slave trade was going on well before the 18th Century. The Romans had a slave trade, the Egyptians – however their slaves were mostly Jewish. How come no one is pointing this out?

In fact the Jews have been targeted for centuries, culminating in 6 million being brutally murdered. People can’t talk about slavery and the slave trade without talking about slaves from ancient times. This slavery built the Pyramids and the Colosseum. All forms of slavery are wrong, but one thing about the slavery is that after the abolition of it the slaves ancestors get the advantages of a life their slave predecessors didn’t have – I am not condoning slavery nor slave trading.

Slaves taken away from their families to be ordered around doing demeaning tasks, little food and live in squalor conditions is not acceptable but dismissing Jews slaves is also not appropriate.

Things have now gotten out of hand and people need to stop and just get back to normal. Leave statues where they are, leave street names as they are as these help bring awareness of the slave trade and changing them is like saying none of that ever happened. Like Auschwitz, that’s still standing as a memorial and symbol of what happened and to tell people of the monstrous activities that happened during the Second World war – it keeps the Holocaust alive in people’s mind making sure it is never forgotten.

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So that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed yet another hard-hitting GraveTalk! I don’t normally do sequels to previous GraveTalks but hopefully this is a one off! However, because people are still carrying on with this nonsense I felt the need to do another one with new points. I have to touch on these difficult, sensitive issues. The next GraveTalk will be something different.

Thanks again for reading! See you next time!!!

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