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I though I’d fast forward this a bit, since James May is doing a food angle on beans – I need to get here first, as this is my own recipe! (As in, I don’t think anybody has ever made this before – Don’t know why, you haven’t lived lived till you’ve tried this!)

Welcome to…


Okay you may be thinking #WhatTheFuck but this is actually quite a delicious, simple little meal. It’s not difficult to make, doesn’t take too long and is not expensive AND you can present it anyway you want!


Okay I get my ingredients from Iceland (Other makes are available).

  1. Pasta – Pasta Penne (You could Fusilli pasta if you wanted)
  2. Dolmio Lasagne sauce (Dolmio makes it taste better)
  3. Baked beans (Heinz if you’re posh, but Lidl’s baked beans taste just as good and a 4 pack costs less than a pound!)
  4. Grated Mozzarella cheese (Iceland’s tastes great)
  5. John West Tuna Chunks in brine (Not tuna steak as in the picture) – Suppose all tuna tastes the same (not racist!)
  6. Tomato


  7. Iceberg Lettuce (best to go to Asda as you can get chopped up Iceberg lettuce)

Put your pasta in a bowl and place in the microwave for 20 mins (Or about 16 mins) – If you prefer to use the stove use that – Basically just cook the frigging pasta!

Once the pasta is cooked get a large bowl and pour the beans, tuna and lasagne sauce and pasta in it – Don’t overdo it with the sauce, the beans sauce should dominate the taste (Drain the pasta first – if you haven’t already, you don’t want watery pasta!) Mix everything together, dish out your portions (or just put what you want to eat on a plate). Put the mozzarella on top of the mix then place in the microwave for 2.40 mins (Or the oven) – Just to melt the cheese.

Once out (Warning the plate could be hot – see I warn you, cooking programmes don’t warn you about how hot the plates are!), cut a tomato and place on top (You could put the cut up tomato pieces on after you put the cheese on if you are using the oven to melt the cheese – It’ll give you that lasagne look).

After, the tomato is on, you can either eat it OR choose to put [Iceberg] lettuce leaves along the side (Or you could put the lettuce on before the tomato, but putting them on the side looks better!

And there you have it! One bloody tasty meal! 2 of your 5 a day, full of protein as well as the benefits of tuna!



That’s the first Cooking With Graveyard done! So if James May decides to put this in his ‘What Can You Do with Beans’ videos I will sue! (Joking, I’ll would be happy!)

Try this yourself – You will be surprised how nice this taste – This meal is the definition of the saying ‘ don’t judge a book by it’s cover!’

I have plenty more meals to come! Keep an eye out for the next one!


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