GraveTalk 25: Racism: The Hat-trick!

Where’s my match ball! Because of this trend not going away and the fact that new people are coming forward, I have to do yet another bloody GraveTalk about this racism trend – Yes it is a trend, like that feminist movement a few years ago. This will soon blow away, however, right now it […]

GraveTalk 23: Black Lives Matter

I SWEAR I’VE DONE THIS ALREADY? Yes I am doing this AGAIN! Because people are still going on about this crap and looking into the past for things to piss and moan about, I have a bit more to say on this matter. This won’t be a long one [Well it might] as I made […]

News Highlights of the Week 21/2/20

W4: 21/2/20 Welcome to Week 4 and this week sees a name change. From now on this will be called The News Highlights of the Week! It just sounds better than News of the Week! Last week was quite good and hopefully this week doesn’t disappoint either! So without further ado, let’s begin with Graveyard’s […]