GraveTalk 25: Racism: The Hat-trick!

Where’s my match ball! Because of this trend not going away and the fact that new people are coming forward, I have to do yet another bloody GraveTalk about this racism trend – Yes it is a trend, like that feminist movement a few years ago. This will soon blow away, however, right now it […]

The News: Highlights of the Week 6/3/20

W6: 6/3/20 Welcome to Week 6 of The News: Highlights of the Week! Let’s see if this week can better last weeks edition! [SPOILER, it’s not!, please read on] So without further ado, let’s begin with Graveyard’s The News Highlights of the Week! BORIS JOHNSON GETS ENGAGED AND IS HAVING A BABY & IS GETTING […]

News Highlights of the Week 28/2/20

W5: 28/2/20 Welcome to Week 5 [Yes, week 5; I’ve been doing this for 5 weeks! Jesus Christ!] of The News Highlights of the Week! Now after last weeks sort of morbid one, this week is going to be filled with some funny news stories; bringing you some humour to send you into the weekend! […]